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A handy tube to store your shaving sticks and it makes a great travel container.  Make your own shaving sticks by melting down a glycerin shaving soap and pouring into the tube (check with the manufacturer to make sure your soap is suitable).  Twist the bottom to raise the soap.  It has the twist-up post in the center of the tube, so you'll either have to add a hole to a shaving stick, remove the post, or melt in a glycerin soap.  Holds 2 oz.
Product Reviews
Perfect for Arko!
Great product!

Prevents the mess when using a soap shave stick!
Perfect for Arko
Pushed a thin screw driver through the Arko and then pressed it into the container. Works great, nice and sealed.
The Arko Solution
I prefer Arko for my travel kit because of the size and its non-liquid nature (no need to include in a 3-1-1 TSA bag). There is a screw stick in the middle of the container. I simply pushed a small screwdriver through the Arko stick, then pushed the Arko stick into the holder. Easy breezy and a neat solution for my travel bag.
Great for Arko!
Awesome product. Like a chapstick tube for your shaving stick. Makes using Arko shaving sticks even more enjoyable. The container is durable enough for me to push the soap into it. Bought two, one for home and one for travel!
Just as described
I took Brad from Memphis' advice and just pushed my Arko stick onto the threaded rob and now I have the perfect soap stick. At this price - get a few!!
Twist-up is great
I just got my Twist-up containers today and I love them.. Very high quality.. I use them with the Arko Shaving sticks. The Arko is soft enough to push right inside the container.. It makes using them much more pleasurable... Great product.. Thanks West Coast Shaving
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will it work w/Palmolive or other stick brands?
December 10, 2015 3:18 PM
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The container will work with other soaps. You might need to just get creative on how to put the stick into the container. Either melting or shaving the stick usually work best.
kkish57673 December 10, 2015 3:45 PM
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Can these be used to store homemade deodorant?
Bit3Me July 28, 2015 10:10 AM
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Sure they can. As long as you are able to pour the deodorant into the twist ups.
kkish57673 July 28, 2015 11:39 AM