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The Vulfix 2234S is one of the most popular brushes from Vulfix. It is handmade using Super Badger bristles which makes for a soft and luxurious feel on the face. It is a great value and performs nicely for the price.

Color: Faux Ivory
Total Height: 100mm
Bristle Loft: 50mm
Knot Dia: 22mm
Hair: Super Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in England

Product Reviews
Great Buy!
For the price you would get a better brush. Ive had mine about three weeks and I absolutely love it. This brush is really soft with a nice backbone.
My First Vulfix
I've been using a Vulfix 2234 as my primary brush for about a year. Its lost maybe a half dozen hairs during that time and still looks like new. My standard shave creams are all TOBS and the 2234 does a great job with them.
A good quality brush that has a medium-firm soft touch. Immediately noticed the difference between my older pure badger brush and this new super badger brush. Very nice and not too pricey.
Great Brush for the price
Great quality brush that is soft on the skin and creates a great foam quickly.
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