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Vulfix is the oldest shaving brush company around and has been manufacturing brushes for over half a century. Located in England, all of the brushes are hand made and excellent quality and value for the money. The hair itself is hand formed without any use of trimming machinery, giving the tapered head shape that Vulfix is known for. They offer a variety of choices for people, offering several different grades of badge hair, ranging from pure to silvertip, and various handle sizes which makes them accessible for everyone, no matter what your price range. So pick up a Vulfix brush and pair it with one of their creams, available in several scents and you are set to go for a perfect wet shave.

Vulfix Shaving Brushes
Vulfix Shaving Brushes
Vulfix Shaving Cream
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Vulfix Reviews
Great value
Vulfix 660S Medium Super Badger Shaving Brush "Very pleased with the Vulfix 660S brush. The badger hair retains water nicely and provides decent backbone all while not scraping up the soap puck too much during lather. Handle sits nicely in-hand and provides a nice recess for hanging on a stand. The only concern I have is the amount of hair that has shed. I'm still seeing stray hairs coming out, even after continual daily use, but will watch it to see if this subsides.
All-Around Good Badger Brush
Vulfix 1000A Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Faux Ivory "This is a solid badger brush for anyone who does not want to spend very much. The brush is quite soft and has the look and feel of a higher-grade badger knot. That being said, if you're looking for a stiff brush that can be used to lather vigorously, this is likely not the brush for you. Overall though, this is a great first choice for those who refuse to settle for a low-grade brush, as it strikes a nice balance between cost and quality.
Vulfix 1000A Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Faux Ebony "Great brush for the price! Makes a real nice lather. Not sure spending more money would be worth it.
This brush is a good
Vulfix 1000A Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Faux Ivory "This brush is a good size, great value, and easy to use to make a rich later. I rotate brushes but use this one more because it is a smaller and easier to use
Product improved
Vulfix Luxury Sicilian Lime Shaving Cream "I have been buying this for awhile now because it has the best lime scent of any shaving cream I??ve found (even though the scent comes from limonene and linalool???there isn??t a drop of genuine lime oil in it). It??s a great fragrance. The first couple I bought were (as alluded to in some of the other reviews) too watery. But that hasn??t been a problem since. Those first ones may have been from a batch that wasn??t stored/handled properly somewhere in the manufacturing/transportation process. The most recent ones lather up nicely, though I still prefer foam from a can just because it??s quicker, easier, and more efficient. But Gillette is the only company that makes lime shave foam in a can, and I won??t buy Gillette products.
Vulvix Persian Musk Shaving Cream
Vulfix Luxury Persian Musk Shaving Cream Great Smell, Great Lather, Lasts a Long Time

Try It You'll Like it!
The Best
Vulfix Luxury Sandalwood Shaving Cream I have been wet shaving with a brush for over 55 years. Although I am not a fan of the scent of the sandalwood shaving cream, this Vulfix cream is the best cream or soap that I have ever used a smoother, faster, and more comfortable shave than GF Trumper or TOBS.
Al Brown
Vulfix 660S Large Super Badger Shaving Brush Outstanding brush. Very soft texture. An absolute pleasure to use. I previously used an Edwin Jagger brush that I obtained on a trip to England. I would rate this brush as slightly better and considering the difference in price, this brush is an excellent buy.
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