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Walkin' Horse

The straight razor revival over the past few years has also caused a surge in the need for maintenance accessories. The incredible increase domestic brands shows manufacturing still exists in the USA. When we bring in a new brand, especially when there are many new options, we always aim for the best. In our opinion, Walkin' Horse strops is one of the best. They use some incredible leather and good old hand made production. Every one of these strops is hand made by the artisan himself. We'll admit we have a hard time stocking these. That seems to be a combination of popularity, but more importantly, the unwillingness to bend on quality standards. The hides are sourced from the best tanneries in the world. As this leather is the primary material for the best shoe brands, which buy in much larger quantities, often the leather is simply not available. In this case, we wait. No second source, no dropping down to a lower level. And when the leather is available again, we get more straight edge strops. Trust me, it's worth the wait.