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Weishi Gunmetal Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor in Case
  • Weishi Gunmetal Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor in Case
  • Weishi Gunmetal Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor in Case
  • Weishi Gunmetal Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor in Case
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Item Number: RZ-WEI-9306C
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The Weishi butterfly double edge safety razor is an entry level, inexpensive razor.  It is very mild and may be a good choice for someone wanting to try safety razors for the first time.  It is modeled after the vintage Gillette Superspeed razors of the 1950's and 1960's.  The Twist-To-Open (TTO) handle opens the butterfly doors for easy blade changes. 

  • Razor
  • Case w/ mirror
  • Cleaning brush
  • 5 Dorco ST300 Blades
Made in China.
Product Reviews
It works and its safe enuff
It works it safe enuff I didnt cut my self and cheap .17 a shave or less
Great starter razor
As others have said, this is a wonderful safety razor w/ which to enter wet shaving. Yes, it is VERY mild and will take a few passes but that just helps to perfect technique while having a safety net. I am extremely happy w/ my purchase!
Best shave Ever!
This is my first safety razor and it has been Awesome so far. I also bought the razor sampler pack and there are some amazing razors in there. The one that came with the SR are fine but dull faster. I would recommend for any beginner like me and you can't beat the price! It looks so cool in my bathroom!
Gentle Bang for Your Buck
Overall a great razor for the price! Wife bought me a beautiful Muhle razor and needed a knockaround DE for my underway time. This is a very mild razor so it takes me a couple passes but hey, at <$20 you can't pass this up. Great razor to start off with!
Great DE for a first time user
This is my first DE, and I picked this one up because it was supposed to have a mild shave and the price was right. My first shave with it was ~3 weeks ago (with a Personna red) and it has been my daily razor ever since. After the first shave, I can't see going back to the multi-blade cartridge razors I had been using. Since I've only used this DE, I can't really make an assessment on aggressiveness, but I guess it's fairly mild since I was able to shave without nicks or cuts from day 1. I highly recommend this razor for anyone looking to get into DE shaving - I would also pick up a sampler pack of blades at the same time to find the right blade at the same time (I'm on my 4th right now, with the Personna still my favorite).
Big Dave
I am yery pleased with this razor. I wish I had one my whole life. Blades last 5 or 6 shaves and it does not clog up washes off with no problem....