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The Weishi butterfly double edge safety razor is an entry level, inexpensive razor.  It is very mild and may be a good choice for someone wanting to try safety razors for the first time.  It is modeled after the vintage Gillette Superspeed razors of the 1950's and 1960's.  The Twist-To-Open (TTO) handle opens the butterfly doors for easy blade changes. 

  • Razor
  • Case w/ mirror
  • Cleaning brush
  • 5 Dorco ST300 Blades
Made in China.
Product Reviews
Perfect Starter
This was my first safety razor while being great the finish wore in just a couple of months.
weishi butteryfly razor
Purchased as a backup for my 55 year old Gillete. The frame disconnected While tightening after my forth shave. Razor was overpowered by a 72 year old man !
It works and its safe enuff
It works it safe enuff I didnt cut my self and cheap .17 a shave or less
Great starter razor
As others have said, this is a wonderful safety razor w/ which to enter wet shaving. Yes, it is VERY mild and will take a few passes but that just helps to perfect technique while having a safety net. I am extremely happy w/ my purchase!
Best shave Ever!
This is my first safety razor and it has been Awesome so far. I also bought the razor sampler pack and there are some amazing razors in there. The one that came with the SR are fine but dull faster. I would recommend for any beginner like me and you can't beat the price! It looks so cool in my bathroom!
Gentle Bang for Your Buck
Overall a great razor for the price! Wife bought me a beautiful Muhle razor and needed a knockaround DE for my underway time. This is a very mild razor so it takes me a couple passes but hey, at <$20 you can't pass this up. Great razor to start off with!
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