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Let's just get it out there and state the obvious, we LOVE classic shaving and everything that goes along with it. For us, what once was a chore is now an experience that we look forward to. With that said, there were some items that we thought could be more fun or have more options than what was already available. West Coast Shaving is a unique place in and of itself, so of course we wanted to create some exclusive items for your shave. Our stands, bowls and mugs are unique and fun and give more options when shopping for supplies. And we think our safety razor case is the finest on the market, regardless of price. We think the price point of these products is great, but don't worry, we would never sacrifice price for quality. With any of our West Coast products you will be sure to add a little character to your supplies.

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Review if WCSS Ocean
The soap lathers quickly and provides a nice slickness to your face. The soap is a performer. The scent is my favorite item about this soap. There are a ton of great performing soaps and creams on the market so I'm interested in the scent. Ocean really does to me have the scent of an ocean beach. It is really unique that WC could come up with that scent but they did and it is wonderful to shave with in the mornings. Congrats to WC.
Great product
This arrived yesterday with a lot of other items I ordered. The apple cinnamon smell was so intoxicating I used it today. This certainly exceeded my expectations. The scent remained strong and smelled fantastic. This soap lathered beautifully and provided a rich thick slick lather. I will definitely be trying some more of the Weat Coast shave soaps in the different scents. If you don't like Apple or cinnamon this one won't be for you but you will not be able to complain about the performance at all.
This handle is solid and is finished wonderfully. The weight is perfect and accepts the majority of razor heads on the market. Combined with the matching Open Comb head you cannot beat under $25 for a razor of this quality
Nice variety
What you see is what you get. Not all of these razors are likely to work for everyone, but if what you are looking for is an opportunity to try a variety, go for this product.
Works well
Nicely made and works well to work up a lather. I use with creams (Proraso, Art of Shaving, and Trumper in a rotation). Good looking as well. Personally I like the uniqueness of a hand thrown bowl if consistency is what you want in terms of appearance, this may not be what you are seeking.
Perfect Fit
This is the razor that I have been looking for a long while. I have large hands and and the larger diameter, weight and length make this a perfect fit. The quality is equal to or better than my other razors and this has become my favorite. I couldn't be more pleased.
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