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From TSA approved sizing to portable tools, we've got what you need. We have everything to properly take care of your shaving supplies while you travel, so you can have your comforts of home with you at all times.

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Traveling does not mean you need to sacrifice by using lower quality gear. We have Dopp kits to help keep your stuff organized and in one place. They are great for traveling or just to keep all your stuff together in between uses at home. Leather cases will help protect your safety razor, and plastic travel cases for your shaving brush will make sure it doesn't get damaged while you are on the go. From TSA approved sizing to portable tools, we've got what you need. Taking care of your shaving supplies just goes easier with all the accessories we have to offer!

Dopp Bags & Cases Reviews
Razor Case
I found this product to be of high quality and a good value.
Leather case.
This is an excellent product at a reasonable price.
All their products are top motch
Nice Case
Very well made and fits both my Merkur and Feather razors perfectly. A must for travel keeps your expensive razor from dings and scratches.
West Coast Shaving Leather Safety Razor Case, Brown
Beautiful Leather safety Razor case. You will be happy with your purchase and great travel case. For those complaining about leaving a razor blade in their razor and the blade cutting this case...Da. Razor blades are made to be sharp so they can cut your face hairs. If you are complaining about the razor blade cutting of the leather, may I suggest buying a Muhle plastic covering for your razor head before putting it in the case. This should cure that problem or pull the blade out first and you won't have this problem. Maybe keep the paper wrapper and put the blade back in the wrapper and stick it in a small altoid container. (Mark it with words "Danger-Razor blade inside-SHARP!!"
Nice case, beautiful leather
Beautiful DE Razor case for travel or basic storage