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Dopp Bags & Cases

From TSA approved sizing to portable tools, we've got what you need. We have everything to properly take care of your shaving supplies while you travel, so you can have your comforts of home with you at all times.

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Traveling does not mean you need to sacrifice by using lower quality gear. We have Dopp kits to help keep your stuff organized and in one place. They are great for traveling or just to keep all your stuff together in between uses at home. Leather cases will help protect your safety razor, and plastic travel cases for your shaving brush will make sure it doesn't get damaged while you are on the go. From TSA approved sizing to portable tools, we've got what you need. Taking care of your shaving supplies just goes easier with all the accessories we have to offer!

Dopp Bags & Cases Reviews
Very good product for the
Muhle Round Protective Tube for Shaving Brush Very good product for the money
Everything I need in a dopp kit
Alpha One Niner Recon Eight Compact Dopp Kit, Black The fabric is durable, the zippers are good quality, the fabric on the inside is a vibrant red and repels water and therefore is resistant to stains. I can see this being my go-to dopp kit for a very long time.
Does what it says
Merkur Double Edge Razor Travel Case I was surprised at how thin and flimsy the case looked, but it's light and holds my razor. Snaps shut to cover the razor head, and I haven't been cut yet, though it is a bit difficult to insert the razor sometimes; the handle sheath is pretty tight. I really wish I'd paid more for the WCS case, which looks nicer (I like brown better than black anyway) and seems to be more sturdy. But this case works, so I'll use it until it doesn't.
Very Nice
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case Disassembled in the case, it's compact enough just to drop into a pocket. Assembled, it's sturdy, with appropriate heft and a nicely-textured handle. The aggressiveness is, I guess, in the reasonable range. More than a Jagger, but not dramatically so. I carry an extra blade or two in the case, tucked behind the head assembly.
This Is The One You Want
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case Well made solid brass construction with a *full sized handle* that breaks down into three component parts (four if you count the top razor cover), which you store in an attractive brown leather case that fits neatly in your Dopp bag. Smooth, closed-comb design, good balance, gives an all-around excellent travel razor for about half the price of the Merkur long-handled equivalent travel razor. This is the one you want, gentlemen.
nice dopp bag
Game Day Dopp Bag "nice looking stylish, looking forward to using it.
compact yet useful dopp kit
TM1985 Box Dopp Kit, Olive and Dark Brown "I personally prefer full sized leather dopp kits (large enough for a shaving and shoe shine kit). Alas for just shaving needs in a nice small travel size, the only thing that could make this dopp kit better is if it were made out of all leather. for the price that is half what one would expect. but the wax canvas adds value in the form of water resistance considering where this will be used, a smart idea.
Edwin Jagger Leather Razor Case
Edwin Jagger Leather Razor Case, Brown "The case fits well into a crowded Dopp kit and protects the razor blade perfectly from all the knocking around during travel.
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