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Shaving Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the . . . shower wall? dopp kit? camping tent?. Wherever you need to see your reflection, we've got it.

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For some men a mirror is an essential for shaving. If you like to shave in the shower, you definitely need a portable mirror that can hep you see what you are doing. We have some great options for you to make your shaving experience in the shower go more smoothly. The best part of these mirrors is that they truly are fog free. We all know there is nothing worse than having a mirror that you can't use because it's all fogged up and you can't see anything! A great addition to any man's wet shaving supplies!

Shaving Mirrors Reviews
Not great, but allows you to shave in the shower
The glue is still holding the hook to my shower stall, so give it an "A+" for that; but the 'fog free' is a bit of a stretch. Running it under hot water only goes so far--don't lean in an breath on it, or you'll be de-fogging it again! Considering what it cost the Chinese to make them, they're over-priced at $10....but they're the only game in town.
Love my shaving mirrow
The Shave Well Company Truly Fog Free Deluxe Shower Shave Mirror Usually don't take the time to write a review, but I read the other reviews and felt compiled to write this. I got this to shave in the shower, never have done that, but wanted to try. Love it. Saves me time and I believe I get a better shave. The knock from these other reviews is that this mirror is fog free by running hot water over the mirror, didn't you read the description of how this works? Anyway, the benefit of this simple mirror is it's plastic and won't break when you drop it, it's $10 vs a sharper image fog free mirror for $100 and yes, when it does fog up, you simply rinse it and you've got a mirror for the rest of your shave. great value and serves its purpose. Thank you for making this available.
Shower Mirrors
The Shave Well Company Truly Fog Free Travel Shower Shave Mirror When using any mirror in the shower for shaving, first smear shaving cream or soap on the mirror, then rinse with the temp water you are using. I find this keeps the mirror fog free during the whole shower. I also read some place that a small smear of toothpaste does the same thing.
Better than any alternative.
The Shave Well Company Truly Fog Free Shower Shave Mirror.I have purchased a few other fog free mirrors, and this is the best so far. One required connecting to the shower head so water rsn behind the mirror. That was okay but was restrictive of location. The others had coatings and required spraying with something I had to buy and was incovenient and kind of expensive. Except for the deluxe model, which is larger, all the mirrors from this company are the same. The method of attachment is the only difference. For a normal in home use mirror, I would recommend the deluxe version.
I returned them and got
The Shave Well Company Truly Fog Free Travel Shower Shave Mirror.I returned them and got my money back. Waste of time.
Works fine, but not intuitive
The Shave Well Company Truly Fog Free Deluxe Shower Shave Mirror.This mirror works fine if one shaves in the shower, but to prevent it form fogging, one needs to run hot water over it (front and back) for a while to heat it up. Then, one's shaving with a mirror with water on the front, which is not ideal, but is acceptable. All in all, this is fine in the shower, but isn't magically fog free. It takes longer to warm up (20 seconds, maybe?) than you'd expect.
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