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For a true, old-fashioned, zen-like shaving experience, there is nothing better than a hot towel prep. Now, you can do it at home with your own barber-type shaving towels --and more. Ahhhhhhh!

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For those of you that do not shave in the shower, you know how important a good hot towel is to help prep your face prior to shaving. We have some great towels available just for that need, including our West Coast Towels that we searched long and hard to find. Not only is it soft, but it retains the heat really well ensuring your face is properly prepped. If are just looking for a towel or two to add to your wet shaving supplies or a hot towel steamer, we have the best available on the market for you. Also be sure to check out the towel tablets which are great for travel or just to unwind at the end of a long day.

Shaving Towels Reviews
Versatile piece of kit
Barber Pro Barbers Shave Towel, Black.I use these towels for everything connected with shaving: a quick face wrap before a shave, wiping off my hands during a shave, mopping up water off the counter and parking my razor to allow it to dry after a shave. I always have a couple of towels and a couple of blood rags on hand. These towels are super soft and very absorbent.
Beauty pro facial wrap towel
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, White.I love the towels but I didn't receive the free razor blades as promised.
Thanks so much. I love
Barber Pro Barbers Shave Towel, Black, WCS Logo.Thanks so much. I love the towels but I didn't receive the free razor blades. Not a big deal but was a little disappointed. Thanks Don
Fancy towels
Barber Pro Barbers Shave Towel, Black, WCS Logo.These are great add on's to your shaving collection. These look and feel very nice and hold up well to the job. They also look fancy with the logo on them, and will look really nice next to your shaving supplies. Good stuff.
Excellent Towel
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, White.Ordered one, it arrived very quickly, works great, thick enough to hold the heat and moisture to soften the hairs and open the pores, wife liked it, so I ordered 3 more. Quality towel I expect it will last quite a while, I can live without the logos and the brand names, but order the black ones if you cut yourself a lot and the sight of blood bothers you.
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, White.Does better to retain heat than a regular washcloth, especially when one folds it over.
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