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With adjustable safety razors, you can change the amount of blade exposure in the shave.

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Quality razor
This is the first safety razor I've used. Typical of anything German, this razor feels high quality and is over engineered. I've been using it on settings 1-2 and get a great shave without any blood loss. The head is larger than some other safety razors, but I'm still able to get around my nose without any issues. The blade gap on this razor makes it (at least on paper) one of the most aggressive razors on the market, however I've been using it from day 1 and really, really enjoy the shaves I get from it and don't feel that it's overly aggressive.
Mercer Progress Long Handle Adjustable
This razor is magnificent! I had a late shower and shave today after doing some home maintenance, and then the new razor and blades arrived two hours later. I had to try it, and lo and behold, using a #3 setting, I got an even closer shave. I always prepare by using a hot wash cloth and use a shaving soap lather worked up with a brush. Remember to take apart the razor afterwards and clean any soap scum off the blade. I am dumping the multi-blade cartridges I have used for decades.
My New Favorite Razor
A great razor. Even though I ordered it, I wasn't sure I'd like it because of some negative comments in reviews, such as slippery to hold , extremely aggressive, can't shave under nose. But I experienced none of those things. It didn't slip out of my hand at all (although I do have large hands--not sure how someone with small hands would find it), and I had no problem at all shaving under my nose. In fact, I got 99% of it with just vertical strokes, the rest with a short horizontal stroke right up against the nose. And as far as the aggressiveness, I usually prefer a mild razor so I was apprehensive about this aspect of it. I shaved with it on 1 and wow, what a smooth, comfortable, really close shave with no nicks of any kind. And as for feedback, another wow--more than my Progress! Fit and finish excellent.
The blade height is different on one side compared to the other at any given setting. It is a very small difference, but noticeable on my face especially at the lowest setting. This does not put me off. I use it to my advantage, using the shorter height for the first pass and the more aggressive for the second.

In short I love this razor. It is my favorite to date!
Excellent Razor
I wanted to try an adjustable razor and decided on the Progress after watching several Youtube videos. While I expected the razor to be aggressive, it is not. I have tried shaving up to the number 3 setting so far and have managed some very close shaves. No cuts or nicks so far! I would highly recommend this razor.