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You've showered, combed, shaved, styled, and spritzed -- but don't forget about that 'stache. It needs the proper care, too. And in today's world there are a plethora of options to keep you looking natty!

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Here at West Coast Shaving we carry dozens of waxes with an equal number of scents to meet the discerning buyer's expectations. Firm hold or mild, strong aroma or unscented, new up-and-comer or traditional grooming giant, we have plenty to offer. Whether you are channeling Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gabel, Ron Swanson, Tom Selleck, or even Yosemite Sam, keep your lip rug in fighting form with offerings from Penhaligons, Mr Natty, Doc Elliot, and Lockhart's.

Moustache Care Reviews
Best mustache wax I've found
I've Tried many mustache wax both hard & soft. Taconic is the best. It's easy to apply & after a short time it absorbs. My handlebar stays in place & doesn't look or feel sticky.
Works great. Just warm it up first by rubbing your fingers together.
keeps hairs in place.
Firm hold gives me lots of confidence. very resilient, even when eating and drinking. Has a good feel
Decent wax
I've used a few different waxes, this one is very similar to Firehouse brand but doesn't hold quite as well. Over the course of the day it tends to relax and the pencil thin I started the day with becomes a full bushy handlebar by the end of the day. I do like the scent though,
Good product
Soft and pliable, doesn't clump. Medium hold. One of better waxes that I have tried.
Strong wax, just hard to use
This wax holds well but getting it from the can to my stache is tough.

First, getting it on your fingers, then not ripping out your hair applying it.
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