Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
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  • Conditions and pampers your skin and beard
  • Smells wonderfully of vetiver, pine, and coffee
  • Tames the itchy new beard growth

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The name G-1 doesn't give away much, but this beard oil has plenty to offer. It contains vetiver, pine and coffee as its main scents. Beneath those wonderful aromas are almond, jojoba and pomegranate seed oils. These help to condition your whiskers and keep them soft. This is a perfect product if you're just starting to grow your facial hair. It keeps your skin moisturized and prevents a lot of the itching that drives people crazy when they're working on their look. With this, you really can enjoy the experience of watching pure manliness erupt from your visage!

When you're growing out your whiskers, taking care of your face is very important. To make sure the rest of your face looks healthy, be sure you're using a gentle soap to clean it. A lot of guys tend to try to get by with harsh cleansers and that's just no good at all. You have to pamper some of your skin, and, of course, how are you going to show off your wondrous style if you don't? Use some of this product and you'll smell great, feel great and you'll have moisture and elasticity to support that facial growth.

Size: 30ml

Made in USA