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  • Uniquely shaped wooden comb for your beard
  • Double-edge "blade" with fine and wide tooth patterns
  • Beautiful cherry finish

Are you conflicted? Have you embraced the wet-shaving movement only to be seduced by the no-shave crusade? Well, let Big Red Beard Combs offer a compromise. Let this be the only blade to touch your facial hair. Check out the Big Red Beard Comb Hardwood Blade, Cherry. Shaped like a blade and ready to do double-duty.

Big Red Beard Combs were born out of necessity. As owner Rick began growing out his beard, he found his lackluster, static-producing plastic comb didn't cut it. So, he headed out to his workshop to do better. With his furniture-making background, he found his medium in wood. Now you can get the creative benefit of a unique, warm, static-resistant grooming utensil.

This Hardwood Blade is shaped like a double-edge razor blade. The 2-in-1 comb has a fine tooth side for your moustache or early growth beard and the other side is fashioned with a wide tooth option for your epic growth. This is one of their largest and strongest combs, using their standard laminated technology to create a durable, flexible grooming essential. The beautiful cherry finish will make you the envy of every beard grooming gent.

With Big Red Beard Comb you get

  • double edge safety blade shape, fine and wide tooth option
  • laminated technology, five layers with cherry outer and maple inner
  • great for medium to long length beards
  • static resistant
  • protective, recyclable packaging

Size: 4in long x 2.5in wide

Made in Canada