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Best Beginner Straight Razor

We have two different recommendations on this page, a traditional Straight Razor and a Straight Razor with replaceable blades. Both are made by Dovo, which is known for its excellent German manufacturing. The Shavette takes disposable blades and does not require honing or stropping. The Dovo "Classic" is our lowest price point tradition straight razor. Either are a good way to get into straight razor shaving.

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Best Beginner Straight Razor Reviews
Dovo Shavette Straight Razor, Stainless Steel Handle "Dang. It's light. Had the tip guard. Can see the blade well with the red holder. My go to razor.
Satisfied first-timer
Dovo "Classic" Straight Razor, Black Handle, 5/8" "I've never wet shaved before. I researched methods and products before reaching out to West Coast Shaving to purchase my entire first kit. Their prices were fantastic compared to others and their customer service was excellent. I don't have anything to compare my Dovo "Classic" 5/8 to, but after my rookie attempt to strop it and give it a go, I'm very pleased. It takes practice but I'm very pleased with the razor. I'll be shopping WCS for all my future shave needs.
Does exactly what I bought it for...
Dovo Shavette Straight Razor, Stainless Steel Handle "I've been looking for something to trim the top of my mustache under my nose. The narrow width of the blade holder makes that possible. In the interest of full disclosure, I probably shouldn't call what I'm using it for shaving. But, I can pick off one hair at a time and make it work. I dinged it one star just because of the flimsy feel. Yes, it is light and easy to control in tight quarters as I mentioned. But, the overall feel is maybe just a little too light. Not a big deal, but it's not a very expensive piece of equipment either.
Husband loved both products
Dovo "Classic" Straight Razor, Black Handle, 5/8" Bought it for him for Christmas and he absolutely lived every product.
Great product
Dovo Shavette Straight Razor, Stainless Steel Handle.This light weight German made shavette is an ideal product to learn the art of shaving with a straight razor because you can feel what's going on. With heavier types of shavettes it's more difficult to feel the slight nuances to get the correct angle. Free shipping is an absolute ridiculous joke. First order took ELEVEN days! Second order took TEN days!! Lame
Dovo Shavette Straight Razor, Stainless Steel Handle.Per boyfriend handles great compared to other but needs to ship w full length blade. Great value for price.
Leg-shaving lady
Dovo "Classic" Straight Razor, Black Handle, 5/8".This is my first time using a straight razor on my legs, and the results were great! It is simple to use, and as long as I took my time, I did not feel in danger of cutting myself. The main reason I switched was to avoid landfill waste, but this is going to save me money on razors over the long run - very pleased. The blade quality seems great to me - I also bought a strop to maintain it. The handle is simple and functional, but basically black plastic. That was what I expected with the lower price - I didn't want to invest a lot of money not knowing whether or not this would work for me. Great first straight razor.
The dovo shavette is great
Dovo Shavette Straight Razor, Stainless Steel Handle.The dovo shavette is great product its very light greatly priced i recommend it i get a clean shave from it, mine came with three blade holders one red for short blade two blacks for long blades one has comb teeth on it. Recommend that you buy extra red holder for it they were out through time
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