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Great Balm!
Persona platinum blades
Red Personna Israeli Double Edge Razor Blades - UK Packaging (100 blades) These are the closet thing to Shick krona chrome blades that were the best blades I had ever used.
Great razor for the money.
WCS Midnight Collection Razor 175B, Black Stainless Steel Closed Comb You can't beat this safety razor for its price. It rivals most razors on the market. I like a heavy razor, and this didn't disapoint. The only downsides I see is that the heft of this razor may not appeal to most people as it can be a bit much for some, and at times it can be a little hard to get the blade exposure even on both sides. For the price, you can't beat it.
A great way to start!
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Sample Pack I am just shaking my head over some of these reviews complaining about small samples, expensive cost, and hard to open containers! Man up already! These are excellent and ample SAMPLES of a wide variety of creams that you would pay a fortune on to try all of them in the commercial sizes. As a newbie, this is a terrific way to go through the many creams out there without building up a closet full of unliked creams! Stop complaining about how much it costs! You try to put all these samples together and label them in an economical way and still try to make a profit. I personally want to thank you for all of these sample packets and the effort you are going through to allow us the opportunity to try so many different creams. The first thing I did was to organize all the creams into my preferences from best to worse. That alone was worth the price! Now on to trying them all!

As for the complainer - maybe you should stick with your Mach 3 and Barbasol cream.
Great blades
Red Personna Israeli Double Edge Razor Blades - UK Packaging (100 blades) The products such as blades and shavers are excellent products. The sharpness of the blades are excellent and the assortment of products is great and fun to review. Easy ordering too.
Like the aftershave, very German...
Speick After Shave Balsam As with the aftershave, the smell is very medicinal, and to me, inviting in a healing way. Made from quality ingredients, it feels good and smells good too.

Use it sparingly though, as every skin has different absorption limits, and I find that too much ends up lingering on the surface feeling oily.

Complements companion products well.

Since a little goes a long way, price isn't too bad either.
A Great Way To Start
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Sample Pack A great way for a newbee to sort through the many choices offered by Taylor. Plenty of different scented creams to try. Though this product is probably not intended to be a "great value", ultimately it may work out as you can sample the different creams before purchasing a regular sized product(s). I enjoyed sampling the many different creams, all of which performed well--thick lather, good lubrication, and wonderfully scented (except, of course, for "Natural").
Started back using a DE
Started back using a DE razor after about 15 years of cartridges. This is the first shave soap I've ever used. It works well. Took a couple times to get a good lather but that's probably on me and my technique. Good price and my wife loves the smell.
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