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Best Selling Safety Razor

The Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor is our Best Selling Safety Razor. The Merkur Factory in Germany is known for its superior manufacturing. The razor is a two piece design which allows for a simpler process for loading up razors. This razor is a staple in the wet shaving world, great for any level user from beginner to expert.

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Best Selling Safety Razor Reviews
Merkur 34C
Amazing razor matched with astra blades smothest shave iv ever had
Some of my best memories are the mornings watching my Grandfather lather up and shave. Although it was fifty years ago, it brings back a special gentler time. I have a place in the Adirondack State Park and have been collecting vintage razors for many years to rekindle those memories. A few weeks ago I decided to research and find the best razor company and Merkur was top of the list. I decided on the 34C. Did all the pleasant rituals of warm towel and preshave. This razor is absolutely the finest in craftsmanship and performance. The handle is traditional in length - worked well, but I may buy the 38C with a longer handle. As for creme, the `Cremo lathered up perfect in my vintage cup, and left my skin soft and smooth. Lucky Tiger has no alcohol and a refreshing after after shave with all natural ingredients. Found that warming the brush in water makes a great lather. My vintage silver tip added to the overall experience.
Great starter safety razor
I've been using this razor for three weeks. I just can't believe it took me until my 40's to even try a safety razor. This razor is very forgiving as I did not experience any nicking or bleeding until I used a Feather blade. I didn't even really put any effort into trying to learn about the angle to use or any special technique. I just went for it straight out of the gate. This razor is typically German in the way in that it really feels like a quality piece. I'm frankly wondering what else you'd really need in a razor.
Great razor for head shaving
I use this razor to shave my head and the shorter handle actually makes it very easy to get the tricky places like behind the ears. The shave is very smooth, especially against the grain.
Worth It
Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety RazorFirst off, the price point is so reasonable when compared to any other DE safety razor from a reputable company. The quality is very good and can tell it will last a long time. My brother has one and recommended that I get one and am so glad that I did. The first couple of shaves with any safety razor can be treacherous but you will see that, over time, you'll get better with it. Stick with it. My first experience with a safety razor was a M?_hle which was okay. It probably wasn't that razors fault as I was new to it but can see the difference between the two already. Don't think twice about buying this'll be glad once you've put it in your hands.
Clearly a Remarkable Razor
Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor.The Merkur 34C (or, HD etc.) is rightly regarded as something of a standard among the razors that are available today. I like my silver model so much that I bought a gold one too--really just because I like the 34C/HD. This razor obviously (read the reviews) pleases a lot of people; nevertheless, not every one. I personally like the thicker, shorter handle. It makes finding a balance point on up the handle toward the head of the razor easier for me, given the way I like to hold any razor. I also find the texturing of the handle assuring. Some razors worry me the whole time I am shaving, because they feel as if they are about to twist some way that will end up with me getting cut. That's not the case with the 34C's handle. And, I like the weight of the razor. It's not called "Heavy Duty" for nothing. It is heavy by comparison to most DE razors. I find that used the right way, the weight allows me to shave with less manually applied pressure. I like that feeling--but everyone may not. Someone coming over to the HD from using a multi-blade completely disposable or throwaway head razor might find the light touch peculiar. At first it certainly is easy to apply too much pressure, which can produce all kinds of odd effects, many unpleasant. he razor is obviously a Merkur, and I find that it requires holding at an angle similar to other Merkur two-piece razors, say, like the 1904. I had to get used to this kind of razor at first, because I had been using other brands, such as Feather, Gillette (Fat Boy and Thin), PILS, and even the Merkur Futur and Vision. I may be strange, but I like to shave in rotations--brushes, soaps and creams, and razors. The rotations are each systematic but separate (razor, brush, cream or soap), and this produces lots of different combinations in the mornings. Maybe it's silly, but I find it to be interesting and fun first thing in the morning. When I see one of my two 34Cs coming up in the razor rotation, I find that I look forward to using them. I wouldn't say that the HDs are my very favorite razors. That accolade goes to a Gillette Fat Boy that belonged to my father and that I watched him used during my whole childhood and youth. It is probably purely sentiment that makes this one my favorite razor. After this particular Fat Boy, another Fat Boy and my two HDs come in a close second. Finally, all of that ramble is to say this: I like the Merkur 34C a lot. It's shape and weight are probably not for everyone, but if someone will give it a little time, in order to get the hang of holding it, applying pressure, and finding the right angle, it could be a razor for just about anyone. The scores that are recorded by reviewers tell the story of the HD's popularity, but even so, no razor is for everyone. But, I belong to the crowd of fellows who really like this one.
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