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Boar and Horse Shaving Brushes

Both boar hair and horse hair are popular brushes among men who wet shave and are generally less expensive than badger hair. While they retain less water than badger hair, there are some great benefits. Boar hair is a stiffer brush hair that softens with use. Horse hair is a softer option. Both certainly whip up a great lather!

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Boar and Horse Shaving Brushes Reviews
Love this brush!
This is a very fine brush, especially for the money. Good backbone , works up a good lather, but not too stiff at all, and it breaks in very well and is getting a bit softer as it goes along. Lost only a couple of bristles and it looks elegant. Frankly, why spend more?
Very Satisfied.
This brush has a great weight and size which makes it very comfortable to use. It really works seems to like tallow based soaps and is great for face lathering. I am still breaking it in as it is a recent purchase, but so far I have no complaints with its performance.
Nice budget brush
Omega 20107 Professional Boar Shaving Brush "The first couple uses there was a slight odor, but if it is real boar hair, I would expect it, same with any animal hair. It has also worn off a bit, also as I would expect. For the price, it is expected. Not terrible, but noticeable. Dries nicely, suds up nicely and spreads nicely. Good brush for someone on a budget!
Semogue 1520 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "Added this brush as I like to scritch and exfoliate my face once in awhile it works great.
Good brush for the money
Omega 20107 Professional Boar Shaving Brush "no funny smell and good lather after a couple of days break in
semogue 1520
Semogue 1520 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "good brush for the money....lathers great
Works great
Omega 20107 Professional Boar Shaving Brush "It has no trouble getting a good lather. The only downside is that, like many other boar brushes, it had an awful smell fresh out of the box. It's pretty easily fixed by letting it sit overnight with some soap in it a couple of times though.
Does a Great Job at a Very Low Price
Omega 10098 Professional Boar shaving Brush "I have been using this brush for about 6 months now. It is a BIG brush. Incredible lather with soap or cream. Holds water well and really whips up the lather. You cannot beat this brush for the money. As always WCS delivered promptly and does a great job of answering any questions.
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