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Boar and Horse Shaving Brushes

Both boar hair and horse hair are popular brushes among men who wet shave and are generally less expensive than badger hair. While they retain less water than badger hair, there are some great benefits. Boar hair is a stiffer brush hair that softens with use. Horse hair is a softer option. Both certainly whip up a great lather!

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Boar and Horse Shaving Brushes Reviews
Fantastic Brush
I love this brush. The handle is so large that my hand stays out of the bowl while I load it and the firm bristles make a fantastic lather.
Semongue 830 Shaving Brush
I am thoroughly pleased with this brush. It was my fist boar brush purchase. I enjoy this brush especially loading from shave soaps. It loads easily as it is a stiffer brush compared to badger brushes. Better badger brushes can cost upward toward a $100 and higher so this is a good alternative.
Shedding more than a few...
This brush has a ton of great reviews, that's why I chose it. But, it doesn't seem to be getting any softer after 20 shaves. My biggest complaint is that it keeps shedding hair with every shave. Let's hope that stops soon.
10049 Boar Bristle
I have wet shaved off and on with pure badger brushes for several years. I purchased the Omega brush and was startled at the size of the thing. I am still trying to find the sweet spot with lathering different creams. It does a great job on pucks from AOS and TOBS and fantastic on hard soap from a local vendor. New to creams and croaps but very happy so far.
My new Omega brush
I got the 81052 along with a Merkur 23C as a Christmas gift. Unlike my Omega 11126 (acquired in 1999 and still in rotation) it was ready to use right away - no break in needed and no funky smell. It's great for soaps and creams. The only thing not perfect in this brush is the the handle - it could have been more rounded.
Omega 11047
I am fairly new to wet shaving so I admittedly had no idea what to buy as far as brushes go. Although the handle on this one is small, even a newbie like myself had no issues making a nice lather with Mike's Natural Soap and Soap Commander Soaps. To me, this was a great value on a nice "little" brush.
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