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Both boar hair and horse hair are popular brushes among men who wet shave and are generally less expensive than badger hair. While they retain less water than badger hair, there are some great benefits. Boar hair is a stiffer brush hair that softens with use. Horse hair is a softer option. Both certainly whip up a great lather!

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Boar and Horse Shaving Brushes Reviews
Surprisingly Good
The good points:

* Price!

* Nice looking from a distance

* Breaks in and works great, especially with hard soaps

* Not too scratchy -- just right

* Even comes with a little brush holder

Things I wish were better:

* Would be nice if the handle weighed a little more -- not a big problem

* Looks cheap up close -- but then it is inexpensive, and that doesn't keep it from functioning better than many much more expensive brushes

Recommended -- I have a lot of shaving stuff up and down the price range, and I would definitely buy another one of these Omega brushes. I probably won't have to for a long time, though, as this one is holding up very well also. Good backbone for hard soaps, but breaks in fairly quickly to be pleasant on the face. Can obviously bowl lather, but can also face lather. I did not expect this brush to be this satisfying. A great value.
Very Nice and Solid Brush
Wet shaving is all I've known. I have an Omega Silvertip Badger brush, but this boar brush performs as I had hoped: a good backbone (compared to most Badger brushes) with some softness. It is atypically soft compared to the average boar hair brush...and it has noticeably softened further with continued use. However, the backbone has remained so far :) It does hold water well, though depending on the soap you are using, you will likely need to add a few drops of water into the brush while using it.
Thanks for the great gift that I have for the family.
Omega 10098 - A Great Brush
I enjoy boar brushes of all sizes and the 10098 is no exception. The large handle is comfortable and provides great control while the large knot is an exceptional performer as you would expect from Omega. I'm very happy with my purchase! ??
Excellent value IMO....
I've only had this brush for less than a week, but I've had 3 shaves so far with this brush and only 2 hairs lost so far. Gets you a great lather with either hard soaps or creams. Has a great feel on your face, as I prefer a more scritchiness feeling with my brushes. I have been an exclusive user of Boar bristle brushes having tried badger and synthetic and I just keep reaching for my boars instead. Smell was hardly noticeable and I believe within 2-3 weeks it will be gone and nicely broken in. Another plus is that the bristles are a little longer and stiffer, good backbone for when you really work into your hard soap or have a deep shave bowl or mug. If your a Boar fan, this is a definite good buy for your hard earned $$$$.
Great Brush
Great brush for the money. I've used it often over the last few months, and it hasn't lost a bristle yet. It dries quickly, which i appreciate. My thought is, if you are going to go for boar, this brush would be a solid investment.
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