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Rockwell Razors

Rockwell Razors got its start through a well-publicized and widely recognized Kickstarter (crowdfunding campaign) for the first Edition of the Rockwell 6S. Because of the demand for adding adjustability to modern three-piece safety razors, the plates and handle from the Rockwell 6S Kickstarter Edition (top cap not included at this time) are currently sold individually at West Coast Shaving as a fantastic addition to customers who currently own or are purchasing a 3-piece safety razor. The adjustable sizes that come from Rockwell plates represent different blade gaps, with Size 1 being the smallest blade gap and Size 6 being the largest. Additionally, Rockwell stainless steel handles have proved immensely popular and are a great option for customers looking to add an affordable “bulldog” handle to their modern three-piece safety razor.

Rockwell Razors will be coming out with a new version of the Rockwell 6S late in 2015, with an improved fit and finish interaction between the plates and the caps, which will allow for the Rockwell 6S to be sold in its entirety, rather than in components.

Rockwell Safety Razors
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Rockwell Stainless Steel Razor Stand All Stainless Steel, nice matte finish, very heavy, aesthetically pleasing, matches the Rockwell 6S safety razor perfectly.

Great price.

Well worth the money.

If you want a perfect pair of quality manufactured items, you have to have this to hold your Rockwell!

6 stars! ******

Buy it!
Great shavers, I tend to
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor Great shavers, I tend to use slants,but found this razor to be a nice addition to my rotation, I even backed their chrome version the 6c to gift to my son and their model T for my self! Hope they will do a SS slant in the future.
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor After exceeding 15yrs of wet shaving, having used more than 20 different razors, from Mach3 upto Merkur Fusion, I like to say: This Rockwell shaves equally well as the closest shavers, like Muehle R41 or those adjustables, b u t is shaves with comfort, with forgiving and no skinirritations (at least on my skin). This to be named the biggest advantage of the Rockwell. Would it have been available 15yrs ago, there wouldn't have been the need to try and buy all the others...
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor "I bought one of these "clubs" in December 2016 tried all different settings and blades to NO avail This clunkers weighs in at 4 3/4 ounces whereas most of my other razors weigh between 2 1/2 ounce and 2 3/4 ounce I have to rate this razor at least 4 stars and at least Good value for the money or the review will automatically be much for transparency !Razors are never returnable once they have been used so I ask how can one know if they like a particular razor until they have tried it ? I went by positive reviews and the fact this was made in the USA I wasted $100 don't you. WCS should NEVER have carried this monster Please read this as the stars and value rating have nothing to do with how negative I feel toward this ill conceived implement.
Rockwell Stainless Steel Handle "Absolutely awesome handle. 85mm 70 grams. Perfect length and weight for me a definite upgrade. The one I received has the same finish as the first picture. Not polished but more satiny. It looks like it was made for my Ikon X3 head. Threads perfectly and easily on all my heads. Even ones that require more care with "matched" metric handles.
rockwell 6S
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor "Don't believe the reviews you get on this website. All negative reviews are automatically deleted. I guess the only way to put any faith in the process is to go by the dates when the reviews were done . Don't buy this dog it weighs nearly twice what other razors weigh I used it for 3 months on all different settings with different blades and it is not worthy of mention. I have to rate this with a lot of stars and good value so the review does not get deleted but please take the time to read what I say and buyer beware.
Rockwell 6S
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor "WCS has deleted 3 prior reviews I have left but I will continue to leave my missives until they leave one of my reviews. Firstly I am a verified buyer I bought the club razor December 2016 I tried all of the plates on all of the settings, plus I used over 8 different blades, Astra, Personna, Dorco. Wilkinson etc. What is the most surprising is that WCS would even carry this inferior razor. I'm going to rate this much higher stars wise and give it a super value rating in an effort to see if WCS has the cohonjes to leave it on it's review section
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