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Barrister & Mann Aftershave

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Barrister & Mann Aftershave Reviews
Smells like dirt
Barrister & Mann Petrichor Aftershave Splash Another excellent product from BM. You'll just have to decide whether you like the scent. It truly does smell like warm, damp dirt.
Soothing aftershave
Barrister & Mann Reserve Cool Aftershave Splash This aftershave is of very high quality. Barrister & Mann were going for an Italian Barbershop smell and got this one correct. It has a slight touch of menthol, but the minute you apply to your face you will instantly get a cooling effect. The smell go away after an hour, and leave my face feeling refreshed after each shave. I want to try the classic and spice of the reserve line as well.
Great splash!
Barrister & Mann Rhapsody Aftershave Splash I love all of the B&M splashes for providing that alcohol-based sting but also being very nourishing on the skin.
Great scent!

Just sent does not last long, but it really smells amazing while it's there. It's like rain, on your wedding day...

Super refreshing aftershave
Barrister & Mann Reserve Cool Aftershave Splash "I'm a huge fan of this aftershave! The menthol and aloe leave my face feeling very refreshed after a nice shave. It tightens up my skin and makes my face feel very smooth too! At first the scent comes off as strong, but then dissipates quickly, so whatever you use on top of it will be the more present scent.

This is definitely worth the price, especially since the price just recently reduced to $20 from $25. I will definitely be picking up Reserve Classic at some point, and possibly Reserve Spice.
Best Spice After Shave!
Barrister & Mann Reserve Spice Aftershave Splash "This has become my favorite spice after shave. The scent is AMAZING! This would pair well with any spice scented soaps such as Mason Boutique Moroccan Sunset.
Great aftershave
Barrister & Mann Cologne Russe Aftershave Splash "This aftershave has a great, refreshing smell. It is a bit pricey for how much you actually get but I think it is a good value. The smell is fantastic. The burn is considerable but it leaves you feeling very refreshed.
Old man
Barrister & Mann Fougere Classique Aftershave Splash.The product itself seems to be quality. The scent is rather old mannish. I can't use it because the significant other always comments of her disapproval of the "old man again" scent.
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