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Billy Jealousy

Ignite a little jealousy wherever you go—become a Billy Jealousy devotee. Billy's boys and girls aren't just interested in a product, they're interested in a lifestyle. We're talking hip-looking, consciousness-raising, PETA-approved, sexy, edgy, frisky, fun living. All wrapped up, of course, in a line of personal care products so meticulously formulated, they put the “tight” in uptight—and the “gotta have it” in your look. They brand their products as "cosmaceuticals," which means that you get all the great polish to your appearance that you'd expect of a cosmetic line, with the deep-down benefits of a rigorously tested and scientifically blended skin care routine. In short, you won't just look better. You'll be better. And since part of the proceeds from every Billy Jealousy sale go to causes and organizations that give back, the world will be a little better, too.

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