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Artisan brush maker, Chris Trimble, became interested in wet shaving in 2008 when he started collecting vintage items. After a serendipitious visit with his local barber found him the owner of a 1950's Craftsman wood lathe, Chris began to turn shaving brush handles. Like so many of these passion-turned-business stories, Chris found a following for his wood and resin handles. Each grooming essential is unique - from the handle style to the wood grain to the colorful resin. Browse our collections; we're sure you will find one (or more) to suit your fancy.

BrushCraft Shaving Brushes
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BrushCraft Reviews
BrushCraft Royal Shaving Brush, Buckeye Burl & Orange Crush "This is a well made brush. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of badger hair. It performs as well as my Kent, Simpson, and Thater brushes, which cost much more. I first thought that the brush head would be too small, but it actually produces large bowls of lather from soap or creams.
Beautiful brush that feels great, too
BrushCraft Hourglass Shaving Brush, Maple Burl & Berry Swirl "This is my first brush from BrushCraft and I have to say this very handsome and builds lather rather nicely. I've used this 3 times and has become a favorite among the brushes I'm fortunate to own. The tips are soft, yet the body of this brush is stiff enough to use the creams and soaps I've tried it on. The issue now is that EVERY brush he makes is backordered and I'll have to wait for others! The price of this brush makes it a great value and I thank Chris and his wife for bringing this collection out.
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