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Chiseled Face

This up-and-coming groomatorium is making luxury shaving soaps and aftershaves for men who are "maintaining rugged good looks". If you want to keep your movie star chiseled jawline smooth & groomed or if you want to sport a little scruff, these handmade soaps are just for you. Tallow-based and fantastically scented, you will be coming back for more - as quickly as they can make it. Nostalgically aquatic, mysteriously earthy, classically barbershop with a twist, or arguably the coldest soap on the market, Chiseled Face has something unique for YOU. Whipped up in Southern California, "where the weather is warm and the shaves are close", this small batch artisan soapmaker is keeping it local and keeping you looking (and smelling) good.

Chiseled Face Aftershave & Shave Soap
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Chiseled Face Reviews
Pow! Perfect!
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber, 4oz I got a sample of this alone with Sherlock and Midnight Stag; and I think this is my absolute favorite! It lathers and performs beautifully and the scent is awesome! I will def. be buying the tub size soon; and I want to try the aftershave splash too! It will be amazing to smell like this all day long!! Highly recommend this! Shave On!! :-0
Modern Vintage
Chiseled Face Aftershave Splash, Sherlock This is a great aftershave. The scent is definitely NOT "classic barbershop" so in that respect I think it's thoroughly modern. Sherlock is a deep warm comforting scent like sitting with your favorite old book in a leather chair and a glass of red wine or single malt. It has enough menthol to give a nice cool down on hot days while the witch hazel and aloe soothe. I didn't know if I would like this warm of scent for summer, but it's excellent and lingers on all day. Definitely will buy this again.
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber, 4oz "I've used a lot of soaps. There are a lot of great soaps out there that lather well and perform well. Some not so much. This soap lathers and performs with the best of them however the scent is what keeps me coming back. Be warned, it's a strong one but has a great scent that favors men's hygiene. Unlike some that smell like breakfast cereals and bubble gum.
My New Favorite!
Chiseled Face Aftershave Splash, Sherlock "I rolled the dice on this one, and decided to try it based on the reasonable price, and scent profile, which appealed to my taste...I must say, I definitely picked a winner! When I first opened the bottle, and took a whiff, it smelled kind of like Fine's American Blend, but after I shaved, and splashed some on, I got all the really great, and subtle nuances that are just wonderful. The peppery, spiciness appeals to me very much, along with the leather, and I can even smell the faint scent of dirt which works magically somehow. The best part of Chiseled Face's Sherlock, in my personal opinion, is it's longevity. Some don't care for longevity in an aftershave, but I do. It last a solid 4 to 5 hours, and it actually changes in positive ways over time. Some aftershaves claim that quality, but don't deliver. If you like "classically" scented, spicy, earthy, "barbershop" fragrances with strong staying power then Chiseled Face "Sherlock" is for you!!! Highly Recommended!!!
Really impressed
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Sherlock, 4oz "For me, part of the fun of shaving with a DE or straight razor is trying new things. Which blades work best in each of my DEs? Which brush do I prefer? And which shave cream / soap. Well, Chiseled face has taken away some of that fun. I really like this stuff. I've used Col. Conk (and still do when I travel), TOBS and Proraso. Chiseled face beats them all as far as I'm concerned. Whenever I first try a new soap or cream, I invariably hate the smell. This stuff is no exception. But after a couple of weeks, I really like it. And I even prefer it to the Ghost Town Barber. One thing that WCS mentions, but which was still a surprise, the bowl is only about half full. You're not getting ripped off. The manufacturer does this to allow for building a good lather. And it does lather well. You just have to experiment to get the technique right. It doesn't take much to give me the smoothest shave yet. I wear a closed collar and neck tie to work. I double or triple pass Monday through Friday and never have any razor burn with this stuff. This is one product I can recommend highly.
Chiseled Face - Sherlock Holmes
Chiseled Face Aftershave Splash, Sherlock "Being a Sherlock Homes buff I had to try the Chiseled Face - Sherlock Homes Aftershave splash. Using this product will take you back to 221B Baker Street in an era when shaving was a ritual which men enjoyed. This product has an enjoyable scent which fits it nicely in the era when men were men. Try it you'll like it. Sent a bottle to my son who got me into wet shaving and he likes it too!
Chiseled Face Aftershave Splash, Sherlock "I think it's a really good scent and lasts a reasonably long time. Sherlock is a keeper for me.
Polar opposite of a hot shave!
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Cryogen, 4oz "The reviews and descriptions say it all. This soap is truly cryogenic! Menthol like I have never experienced. First soap to make my eyes water from the menthol. This is my second Chiseled Face soap, Midnight Stag was my first, another unique quality soap. I purchased the aftershave as well and it rivals Fine Snakebite. Chiseled has a faint scent whereas Snakebite has none. Cold water rinse is like a splash from an ice cold mountain spring. Good Stuff! Can't wait to try another in the line.

In response to the negative review: I dry all my soaps upside down on a hand towel for 24-48 hours then open for a few days. Never have any problem.
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