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Dominello Vitali

Jim Dominello founded his brand on the principle that "what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body". So, he turned to high quality, safe, effective, plant-based, natural ingredients to create exceptional skincare products. As you delve into the world of artisan soaps and creams, traditional wet-shaving tools, and more, you've probably heard a lot about chemical nasties, toxins, parabens, allergens, and potential carcinogens. Since your skin absorbs about 64% of the contaminants to which it is exposed (and most of that through your face), you can be sure that it needs special care. Without even realizing it, we can be taking on lots of damage. If all that starts to get you worried, look to Dominello Vitali. "Superior by Nature" isn't just their slogan; it's their commitment.

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