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Fine Accoutrements

The evolution of Mr. Fine is indeed a fine story. One day, Mr. Fine – a financier on the lookout for unusual investment opportunities – heard about the benefits of a traditional wet shave. After trying it out for himself, he got hooked on the pleasures of proper grooming, particularly the refreshing tingle of a good aftershave splash. Of course, Mr. Fine's keen financial mind wondered whether he could re-create his very favorite aftershaves at home to save a few bucks, and there you have it: the very fine story of some very fine products. All of his aftershaves contain only four ingredients, none of which are petroleum-based or contain artificial colors or strange emulsifiers. After all, he's not interested in dermatology or cosmetology or any other trendy “ology.” Mr. Fine only wants to restore the pleasant efficiencies of a good shave and a great scent to men everywhere.

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Fine Accoutrements Reviews
Satisfying first choice
This was the first after shave I tried after abandoning my cartridge. It's turned out to be a good choice. Fine has a good alcohol sting, but doesn't make me feel like Macauly Culkin in "Home Alone". The menthol chill finish is refreshing. The scent is pleasing, lasts a couple of hours and isn't strong enough to fill a room. I do find it a little sweet, so I'm going to try some other scents, but I think American Blend will stay on my counter.
Classic and Modern
Fine Classic After Shave, Italian Citrus "Fine is my favorite line of after shaves bar none. Contains after shave properties you want while smelling like a great fragrance that lasts. I have over 40 colognes and this smells of quality. Natural, not synthetic. Italian Citrus smells like its named.
Well made. It is a
Fine Shaving Brush, Angel Hair, Red and White "Well made. It is a little softer than I would like, but it does not shed, and comes back to it original shape after drying
So nice 👍
Fine Classic After Shave, American Blend "Great manly smell and feels great too.
Name says it all
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, American Blend "This is the best shaving soap I have used since I started wet shaving. Good lather, rinses clean and a good , pleasant but not overwhelming smell that my wife really likes! I also appreciate that it's a small business and made in America. Keep up the good work, gentlemen
Great as usual
Fine Classic After Shave, American Blend "This is my fifth different Fine after shave. As do all the others, it smells great, soothes great and leaves a nice face feel. My wife likes this scent a lot, too.
Great after shave
Fine Classic After Shave, L'Orange Noir "Just got a bottle of this yesterday and used it this morning. I shaved using the Lavender Lemondrop shave soap from Shannon's Soaps and this aftershave complimented it quite well. The aftershave has a very slight orange citrus smell, but it is quite different from the Italian Citrus in the same after shave line. Either this after shave or the Italian Citrus will compliment a citrus based shave soap quite well. This is, once again, a top notch after shave from Mr. Fine. You won't be disappointed,
Fine Italian Citrus
Fine Classic After Shave, Italian Citrus "Not too sweet, nit too citrusy. Just right. Dare I say better than the first version ? Maybe, maybe not. Buy 1 for yourself to be your own judge. Buy it from West Coast Shaving for the best customer service in the business.
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