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Fine Accoutrements

The evolution of Mr. Fine is indeed a fine story. One day, Mr. Fine – a financier on the lookout for unusual investment opportunities – heard about the benefits of a traditional wet shave. After trying it out for himself, he got hooked on the pleasures of proper grooming, particularly the refreshing tingle of a good aftershave splash. Of course, Mr. Fine's keen financial mind wondered whether he could re-create his very favorite aftershaves at home to save a few bucks, and there you have it: the very fine story of some very fine products. All of his aftershaves contain only four ingredients, none of which are petroleum-based or contain artificial colors or strange emulsifiers. After all, he's not interested in dermatology or cosmetology or any other trendy “ology.” Mr. Fine only wants to restore the pleasant efficiencies of a good shave and a great scent to men everywhere.

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Fine Accoutrements Reviews
Crisp clean citrus hints
Great aftershave
All the Fine Aftershaves are great. This one, the barbershop scent, is as good a place as any to start.
An aftershave that literally brightens up my day!
Fine Classic After Shave, L'Orange Noir "I absolutely love this aftershave! This is the first product I've used from Fine and I liked it so much that I already ordered another scent! The L'Orange Noir scent is very pleasant and sticks around for a good portion of the day. My skin also feels wonderful after applying it! I look forward to using this scent often and I'm excited to add more Fine scents into my repertoire.
Fine Shaving Brush, Angel Hair, Red and White "This brush has been my go to brush. It has the the classic old school look with the modern performance of a great synthetic knot.
Pretty good
Fine Classic After Shave, Italian Citrus "Nice citrus scent , girlfriend instantly liked it. Smooth and refreshing.
Fine Classic After Shave, Fresh Vetiver "Fresh, clean scent, great price and a glass bottle - how can you beat that?
I would like to mention
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, Snake Bite "I would like to mention a problem I experienced with my last purchase. I bought bottles of aftershave and several packages of shaving soap. During shipment, a large bottle of aftershave leaked and saturated some of the shaving soap. The cap was loose on the aftershave bottle. I reported the problem to a WCS representative. He sent out immediately, a new replacement bottle of aftershave and soap with no questions asked. I'm very impressed with WCS's culture of customer satisfaction. I was expecting push back but received none. I am very pleased with my shopping experience with WCS and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for all you have done and I am excited about maintaining a life-long relationship with you folks.
Satisfying first choice
Fine Classic After Shave, American Blend "This was the first after shave I tried after abandoning my cartridge. It's turned out to be a good choice. Fine has a good alcohol sting, but doesn't make me feel like Macauly Culkin in "Home Alone". The menthol chill finish is refreshing. The scent is pleasing, lasts a couple of hours and isn't strong enough to fill a room. I do find it a little sweet, so I'm going to try some other scents, but I think American Blend will stay on my counter.
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