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Rooney Shaving Brushes

R.A. Rooney and Sons, Ltd. Is the oldest existing manufacturer of quality shave brushes, with a tradition so long-standing that it's actually shrouded in a bit of mystery. Was it the 17th century when the legacy began, or the 18th? No use quibbling—either way, Rooney brushes are the shaving tool that best embodies the ideal of not fixing what isn't broken. Their classic badger-hair brushes have been the top choice of the most exclusive gentlemen for centuries, so they remain as they've always been: high-grade, dense, traditionally styled, and of elusive quality. Superior performance in retaining water and creating lather without needing to be broken in, or deteriorating sharply over time, are the hallmarks of what make Rooney the singular tool of wet-shaving enthusiasts with discerning tastes.

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