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Royall Lyme Bermuda

Forget putting the lime in the coconut – we've got something better than that. Try putting lots of limes into a classic bottle that bears a seal harkening back to Old England, and selling that distinguished island fragrance in the most highly regarded men's shops in the world. That's taking things to a whole new level. Royall Lime Bermuda is a time-honored scent that bottles the magic of the jewel of the Atlantic and brings it to refined gentlemen everywhere. The unique blend of 78 ingredients used to make Royall Lyme is as rich and complex as the distinguished heritage of Bermuda itself. From the moment it was introduced to the New York market in 1960, the fresh and intoxicating scent has been making discerning men across the globe feel just a bit more like the kings of their castles. It's a fragrance so distinctive, it's royal with a double "L."

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