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Soap Commander

Soap Commander is a "mom & pop" company in Alabama delivering exceptional shaving products to discerning buyers. Born out of a desire to help battle their daughter's eczema, Darren and Connie discovered soap making. Knowing their history means you can be assured their products are perfect for dry, easily irritated skin. They use natural ingredients and create mesmerizing scents. They make the "best vegan soap on the market by far" according to one reviewer. In order to create their rich, thick, creamy lather, they use shea butter, coconut oil, and glycerin: a triumvirate of moisturizing and protecting power. And then they match their soap scents with aftershave balms as well. Artisan, small batch, family-run, and creative - what's not to love about a brand like this? Check out their products with "valuable" scents: Courage, Inspiration, Passion, Respect.

Soap Commander Aftershave & Shaving Soap
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Soap Commander Reviews
Buy it again,,,
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Honor "I would like to try this guy's other stuff...
If being motivated to try other scents is a measure of success, then Soap Commander Balm is a winner!
Soap Commander Aftershave Balm, Fortitude "I bought several different WCS products of scents I normally would not consider. Soap Commander Fortitude Soap and Balm was one. This particular scent is growing on me, not necessarily by favorite, the quality however is fantastic. I look forward to trying other scents of both the soap and my budget permits as I have become an DE addict!
Very Cool
Soap Commander Aftershave Balm, Courage "This is a great product if you like menthol. It works very well. The only reason I gave it a 4 star rating is that I am not a big fan of the "cool." This is still a really good product and I would recommend it to anyone who likes that menthol feel.
Can't wait to try more Soap Commander!
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Fortitude "In an effort to try some non traditional soap scents I chose Fortitude. For a non tallow vegan soap the performance of this soap is first rate. As with any scent, individual preferences will vary. This is an earthy, non floral, non barber shop scent, that to me smelled better lathered than the first smell in the tub (which by the way is 6 ounces). I also ordered the matching balm. I couldn't be more pleased with the slickness and performance of both. I will definitely be adding additional formulas to my wish list.
Soap Commander Aftershave Balm, Respect "Grat service and selection
magnificent rose
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Love "Have been on a long search for a proper rose shave soap. No need to look further. The fragrance captures a traditional rose scent perfectly, as if you're in a rose on the vine after a summer rain. Beautifully fragrant and real - not fake, overdone, or chemical-smelling. The bowl is wide, thus enabling conveniently loading and handling. Lather is brilliant - no problems there. I get a great glide with no pull or razor burn (I have sensitive skin). I am impressed with the quality of Soap Commander products and will check out more of their products.
Awesome shave soap! Endurance scent
Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Endurance I bought this shave soap because I was looking for an original old spice scent and this is definitely it! I love the scent of this soap, performance of soap commander is top notch, it's post shave is great. I highly recommend this soap. If you want to have an idea of what it smells like, go to Walmart and take a sniff out of an original old spice deodorant which is what I use. It's not as strong scented but it's strong enough for me. Latherwise, it's super easy to build up lather and it keeps building, wether you want it dense or creamy it's awesome. I live in Chicago and the water is pretty hard but works awesome with this soap. I have about 20 different soaps including razorock, MWF, caties bubbles, Stirling, Mike's natural soaps, and tobs, soap commander is definitely in the top 3 for me. Highly recommended and love the container.
soothing balm
Soap Commander Aftershave Balm, Passion a real good soothing balm after the shave. i could not detect any aroma.
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