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Soap Smooth

Soap Smooth - formerly known Seifenglatt, the California company with a German name selling French soaps. Confused yet? No worries. They changed their name to Soap Smooth to make it easier for everyone in the U.S. to track them down. Soap Smooth might seem like the International Man of Mystery of the shaving world, but we have no doubt these products will speak your language. This relative newcomer to the scene is bringing a fresh outlook on wet shaving. There's nothing weighty, heavy, greasy, or aggressive happening here. We suspect the lightness of the line has something to do with the mysterious marriage of the clean California sensibility with chic French sophistication. Airy lathers, restrained profiles, and a purity of scent set these soaps apart from the pack. For all the intrigue in its origins, Soap Smooth delivers a straightforward experience that comes from using real ingredients, no artificial colors, and only the purest oils to create blends that live up to both their exacting standards and your deepest expectations. Forget Cali-Fran-Germany. For something this clean, crisp, and beautifully light, the whole world ought to get in on the action.

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