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Stirling Soap Company

Stirling Soap Company began with a vision to bring something that could properly be labeled "soap" back to your grooming routine. No artificially loaded "washes", no chemically based "cleansing bars", just good natural soap. So if you love the back-to-basics nature of wet shaving, you will love this company and its myriad of fantastic soaps! Amanda and Roderick Lovan started their company in 2012 after a trip to Scotland left them longing for all thing pure and natural. But the price of artisan soaps just seemed too high, so they began making their own... making making them available to others. Stirling Soap Company didn't want to just bring exceptional, handcrafted, wonderfully scented soapsto the masses, but also to do it in a way that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. They have succeeded admirably - fantastic lather, great scents, and true value.

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Stirling Soap Company Reviews
A Well-kept Secret
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Barbershop "This is arguably one of the best shaving soaps I have used in my 50 plus years of wet shaving. Its consistency, lubrication and fragrance all make for a most pleasant shaving experience. The fragrance and after shave "feel" are reminiscent of the old-time barbershops of my youth.
Fantastic Shaving Soap
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Executive Man "All of Stirling Soaps lather great and this soap is one of their best scents.
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Barbershop
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Barbershop "I would put this soap in my top 3. Great lather and awesome smell. Produces a vary slick moisturizing feel for the straight razor. I have used a lot of different soaps and this one is a must try and is a great value.
Great soap. Likes more water
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Sharp Dressed Man "Great soap. Likes more water than expected, but the feel, function and scent are all top notch.
Chilly Citrus!
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Orange Chill "Great cooling feel and citrus rush. Very pleasant scent.
Slick Lather
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Margaritas in the Arctic "This is my first Artisan soap and its everything I had hoped for. After reading countless reviews I knew Stirling was ganna be my first soap and what better choice than one that has menthol. It was between this one and orange chill but Ill get that one next. I didnt bloom the soap and still got a fat lather. When I shave I wet shave. Like mega wet. and this soap stays on my face no matter how wet. Super smooth. The menthol feels amazing and the smell of this soap takes me back. reminds me of the lemon shark popsicle if anyone remembers those haha but it does smell like a margarita its crazy. Im glad I got this soap. no dissapointments. recomend it all the way.
Best shaving soap I ever
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Bay Rum "Best shaving soap I ever used
Good stuff. Like it.
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