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Super Safety Razors

Howie at Super Safety Razors knows a thing or two about wet shaving. This family-owned business located in the Hudson Valley of New York State has been offering the "best in breed" shaving essentials for over 15 years. For years, they offered exclusively Parker razors and Taconic Shave creams/soaps. But now, they also have razors and stands of their own branding. From safety razors to shavettes, from brushes to bowls, from soaps to creams, they tap into a booming shaving culture with both classic and modern grooming accessories. With decades of Parker wisdom and the artisan goodness of Taconic products, Super Safety Razors may be your new favorite go-to brand.

Super Safety Razors Accessories
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Super Safety Razors Reviews
Trac II renewal
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome "I have been using the old trac II for as long as there was such a thing. I really like the feel and weight of this chrome clone. Thanks for coming up with this.
Excellent product trac ll forever
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome "I really am so glad I brought this razor excellent product the last razor all ever buy for a while I was using the coloionial conk handle its a great handle but I really think this handle works so much better I love the weight I love how it fells in your hands while your shaving the one I brought doesn't have the 3 black bands at the end of the razor but it works really great it shaves so much better then any safety razor u can buy I had a safety razor for 2 years then it broke so now I'm using this excellent product and I just love it I'd recommend someone to buy one instead of your all the 3 4 5 blade razors theses days that are all junk invest in one of these it's worth every penny I paid for this razor can last a lifetime and u can pass it on to your kids or grand kids this is the best razor I have ever used and I just buy personna twin blade razors and it shaves excellent please buy this amazing razor youl love it I sure do
Super Safety Razors Modern Shave Stand
Super Safety Razors Modern Shave Stand.Seems well built and looks nice. Only possible improvement would be a larger heavier base to reduce chance of tipping over.
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome.Mine did not come with the three black bands at the handle's end, it was 'unbanded'. Smooth. I've only used the Trac II blades and this works perfectly. No complaints and worth the price.
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