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Tabula Rasa

This bookbinder and a cultural theorist walk into a bar...

It's not the start of a bad joke. It's the beginning of one of the wet shaving world's best-kept secrets. Except instead of walking into bars, they're making them - bars of soap, that is.

Tabula Rasa is part company, part concept: If you forget everything you know about shaving soaps, you'll love what's happening in their homespun Berlin shop. With nothing more sophisticated than a kitchen mixer, the unlikely duo behind Tabula Rasa is mixing up soaps that defy expectation. The strange alchemy that blends all natural, pure ingredients with proprietary European skin care secrets makes for a soap that looks like putty and lathers like a dream. Unscented or lightly spiked with a dark lavender that's as unexpected as the product itself, this lather will wipe the slate clean and erase your memories of every other shave soap.

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