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Through the Fire Fine Craft

You gotta love this line of handcrafted, vegan shaving soaps from Maria Arman. The artisan behind a number of exclusive lines for other vendors, Arman has her own line of widely loved soaps and grooming accessories called Through the Fire Fine Crafts. All of their products literally come "through the fire", whether the pottery kiln or the hot process of soap making. With her own line, she brings complex, intriguing scents to the table, as well. Her hot process soaps give you a soft, French-style soap ready to whip up into a dense froth of yogurt-like lather. Many of her compelling scents have fire themes: try Forged, Ember, Tinder, Anvil, Ignite, or Extinguish. Give them a try!

Through the Fire Fine Craft Shaving Soap
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Through the Fire Fine Craft Reviews
Good shave
Through the Fire Shaving Soap, Extinguish "This is a soft soap or a firm cream, depending on if you are a glass half full or half empty kind of guy. It readily whips up a lather and provides a good amount of cushion and glide, though I do wish it was a bit more slippery. Not enough to knock off a star, but it would be a 4.5 if I could for that reason. The scent is unique; it smells like raspberry lemonade or rainbow sherbet, pretty much. I don't take off stars for scent, as long as it smells like what it says, and this stuff does. Still, it does give that good shave!
Warm African mornings
Through the Fire Shaving Soap, Ember.I bought this soap because of the coconut oil extracts. I am still fairly new to luxury soap lines, having only tried 3 other lines before this. The not overly sweet scent reminds me of warm Africa mornings. The amber is subtle but over powers the other scents to my liking. It lingers long giving wisps throughout the day. It lathers fast and thick, filling the brush easy. Once on the face, it slides on smooth and sticks well to my stubble and face. The glycerin and coconut extracts offer a great buffer giving a very close shave. No nicks experienced or pulling unless i go too fast but all in all a smooth, clean shave. It keeps its moisture throughout the whole shaving process wonderfully. My experience is if I shave slow with this, i dont need aftershave either as the coconut oil extracts moisturize my skin very well. I am very happy with this soap and intend on purchasing more along with other scents of the TTFFCraft line. Give it a try and see.
Overpriced, no buffering a horrible shaving experience. Avoid
Through the Fire Shaving Soap, Tinder.I hated this soap. It seems to lather well but is too light and airy. It provides almost no real buffer between skin and blade. I had to reload my brush three times. I have never had so many nicks. I nasty painful shave. Save your money Arko is way better. Almost anything is better. It's like shaving with nice smelling ice cream.
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