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Butterfly safety razors utilize an easy open mechanism to insert the razor blades.

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Butterfly Razors Reviews
Good razor
Seems well made, good heft and feel, shaves close. Very pleased. I'm using Wilkinson sword blades.
Parker 82R really shines!
Not overly aggressive, it's a perfect change from years and years of expensive cartridges and shoddy disposables. Smooth butterfly action, secure close, nice heft to the head and ribbed handle for easy handling with wet hands. Couldn't be any more pleased.
Great razor!
After 30 years with the same razor, I needed a new one. One piece of advice. Do NOT buy an as seen on tv one. Lol, that was a painful experience.

So, this razor is a great weight, nice and sturdy, and I highly recommend it if you are not shooting for the more pricey models.

The purchase was easy and fast.

My only criticism for WCS is that one email add per week or 2 would be plenty to remind me that you would like me to purchase my shaving products from you. :-)

Thanks, love my new razor!

Mark Bradshaw
Private label razor
Private label razor
Great Razor
Great razor for the money, works awesome , looks awesome.
First time DE shaver, first DE razor, excellent first time buy
I switched to wet shaving over 30 years ago using a canned foam and a twin blade razor, then switched to using a hard shaving soap and badger brush 2 Christmases ago. I never looked back! Finally decided to pull the trigger and go "older" school and make the move to a DE razor from my Fusion cartridge with an AoS handle. Remembering those old twin blades, I was afraid of the nicks. But after reading several reviews that said the Weishi was a mild razor (and the cost was right) I thought I'd give it a go.

I chose the Weishi butterfly TTO for the ease of replacing blades and received it a little less than a month ago. I started with the Dorco blade that came with the razor, then started into the Astra blades I received as a free gift from WCS. After 2 weeks of practice I can report only maybe 2 nicks. Skip over the Dorco blades and go right to the Astra as your starter blade for a beginner DE razor. I shave every day and love what little razor burn I get from the single edge..

I will probably upgrade the razor to another butterfly TTO, but the Weishi is a great beginner razor. With a high quality shaving soap, it's very mild and excellent for everyday use. The weight is perfect ; I don't find myself applying any additional pressure at all. The texture on the handle gives you no slip what-so-ever. I do find I grip the shorter handle a little more to control the angle, which is why I will probably make it my travel razor down the road.

My next move is getting a DE razor sample pack to try different blades. If you still use the cartridges, make the switch! It is an easy adjustment in no time at all, and you face will appreciate it. I have no regrets with this razor as my starter and actually get jazzed about shaving every day now. Can't wait to make further purchases through West Coast!
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