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Butterfly Razors

Butterfly safety razors utilize an easy open mechanism to insert the razor blades.

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Butterfly Razors Reviews
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "Great Blade,everything I remember about the razor .
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "this razor shaves so smooth i actually thought i forgot to put a blade in it, best of all the butterfly razors i own,
Awesome razor!
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "Great razor at a great price. Love the black textured handle, good weight and one piece butterfly style makes changing the blade a breeze.
Simply the best shave ever today.
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "A coulpe of years ago now, I returned to single razor-blade shaving after feeling fleeced by multi-blade cartridge manufacturers. I started out again with a Weishi and - after some experimentation with blades - ended up with the Gillette Silver Blues. So my Parker 96 arrived yesterday and I loaded it up with a Silver Blue in anticipation of this morning. I had to take out my contacts and so was shaving entirely by blur, feel and sound. Perhaps I'll always do it this way, there is no doubt - in 40 years of shaving this was absolutely the best.
This will do what you
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "This will do what you need to be done, I have found that the blade sticks out past the ends of the razor and I have cut myself a couple of times and if one does not tighten the razor entirely is and can be disastrous.
Affordable--but still NICE!
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "There are more expensive razors out there (I have two Merkurs--a Futur, and a Progress--and a 1956 Gillette 'butterfly'), but I bought this Parker to see if there was any difference between an 'old' TTO, (the Gillette) and a NEW one, like this. I'm happy to say that they all give me a decent shave, and those shaves are more dependent on what blade I use, rather than the actual razor. (The Futur is slightly ahead of the other three--simply due to it's long handle, adjust-ability, and ease of blade replacement, with the snap off cap.....) My favorite blades are Feathers, Polsilvers, Wilkinson Sword, and the Red Personnas from Israel.
So glad I picked this up!
Parker 99R Double Edge Safety Razor (99R) "Great size and weight. Very easy to use!
Very Nice Razor For The Price
West Coast Shaving If You Build It Safety Razor "I saw a previous review on this one and at first glance I agree that it was a bit rough but once I tried a different blade it was a lot smoother. This is the type of razor where the blade makes a big difference but I would definitely recommend this one.
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