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Closed Comb (aka Straight Bar or Safety Bar) DE safety razors have a plate that sits between the razor and your skin.

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Closed Comb Razors Reviews
worth the money, but ...
i don't regret buying this razor, but I must shave 3-4 times to get a close shave. I am playing around with the angle of the razor, and I seem to be getting better. one very good point is that i have not nicked or cut myself with this razor. hopefully, i will learn how to shave closely with it soon.
Very pleased with shave
I bought this razor when my daily DE shaver died. Was initially concerned about the handle length and the weight might be too much. No such issue for me. I have found the handle length, balance and weight to be a perfect match for me. I've been using it with Derby and Personna blades with equal results. Now that I own this razor and have used it daily for a couple of weeks I wish I had bought it the first time around. Very satisfied.
New favourite
I was introduced to DE razors just 2½ years ago. In 35 years of shaving, I had been through 3 electrics and countless cartridges with between 2 and 5 blades. Just received this beauty last week. The heavy head takes a little adjustment time, but it is very forgiving. This razor (with a Personna Red blade) easily provides the smoothest shave that I have ever experienced. Not very aggressive, but enough that a good shave only requires 2 passes. The handle is just the right size for my wide hands. In addition to the high quality, this razor is simply a work of art.
Nice heavy weight, beautiful finish.
Nice heavy weight, beautiful finish. My new favorite!
Great Choice
I normally use a Merkur 38 with Feather blades as my primary shaver and get great results. But I decided to try the Feather AS-D2 because of all the good reviews. I can not be happier. The Feather is a very high quality razor which shaves as smooth as it is well made. Both razors are about the same size and weight but the Feather just looks and feels better.
Super Value
The weight and length of the handle make the Merkur 38C a pleasure to use. Due to the weight of the razor, little to no pressure is required on your skin to get a great shave. Although the price is higher than others, the quality and weight make this a razor you will use for many years.
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