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Closed Comb Razors

Closed Comb (aka Straight Bar or Safety Bar) DE safety razors have a plate that sits between the razor and your skin.

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Closed Comb Razors Reviews
Love this Razor!
Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, 'Extra Grip' Handle, Knurled Chrome Love this razor! Hands down one of the best safety razors out there. I've tried the long handle version of this model which I didn't like as much as I thought I would, but this razor has the right weight, balance and overall best shave I've had yet from any razor.
WCS Midnight Collection Razor 88B, Black Stainless Steel, Open Comb Aggressive razor, just like I need. I have a very hard time getting a BBS shave with closed comb safety bar razor heads. Apparently it's due to my thick, coarse beard. My whiskers grow right up to and almost out of the edge of my lips. I need a razor head to be aggressive. This is one of the few razors I love. BBS shave almost effortless. If you like aggressive razor heads, this is for you!
High Quality Product
Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor I decided to give the Murker safety razors a try, so I bought the 34C heavy duty. I was impressed with the superior quality of this razor. This was definitely an upgrade for me. The razor does all the work as I didn't have to apply any pressure with my hand. Also, the razor didn't leave any razor burns at all. Plus the fact this razor is made from Germany says a lot about it's overall quality.
DE Safety Razor
Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor Product in excellent condition and arrived as expected.
Great razor
Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor Great first razor. The handle is short but the knob on the end prevents the razor from slipping out of your hand.
Great razor for the money.
WCS Midnight Collection Razor 175B, Black Stainless Steel Closed Comb You can't beat this safety razor for its price. It rivals most razors on the market. I like a heavy razor, and this didn't disapoint. The only downsides I see is that the heft of this razor may not appeal to most people as it can be a bit much for some, and at times it can be a little hard to get the blade exposure even on both sides. For the price, you can't beat it.
Great Razor
WCS Classic Collection Razor 175S, Stainless Steel Closed Comb I bought the heavier blade in hopes that it would help keep me from applying and extra pressure and let the weight do the work. And like magic it works !!
Great razor
WCS Natural Collection Razor 38W, Rosewood, Closed Comb This is not a high end razor but you wouldn't know that by it's performance. Good balance and weight combined with a touch of style.
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