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Closed Comb Razors

Closed Comb (aka Straight Bar or Safety Bar) DE safety razors have a plate that sits between the razor and your skin.

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Closed Comb Razors Reviews
West Coast Shaving 175S
West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 175S, Stainless Steel, Open Comb The West Coast Shaving Classic Collection 175S Stainless Steel Double Edged Safety Razor is a beautiful and extremely functional work of art. The handle itself is a brushed/matte stainless steel monster of an instrument. The heft of the handle itself negates putting any pressure on the head and blade itself when making your passes while squaring away your mug or head. I highly recommend this safety razor to anyone who is a beginner, to the expert and collector who would like to add this fine instrument of shaving brilliance to their repertoire. It's no wonder that this safety razor is one of the 3 best selling safety razors in West Coast Shaving's many different varieties. This one to me is the absolute best. One thing that I would like to see and have is the 2-piece head to be full stainless steel just like the handle and with the same gorgeous matte finish. Please West Coast Shaving make one ASAP so I can put it on my stunning 175S handle! It makes perfect sense to do so and I'll buy one as soon as you make it available!

Thanks for a quality product!

Chuck McCall.
Best I've had ever.
West Coast Shaving Midnight Collection Razor 84B, Black Stainless Steel, Closed Comb The weight is awesome feels good in hand just working on getting me a better shaving cream but this razor and stand are amazing.
Hollywood Palm CNC Safety Razor When I first ordered I started to believe that I was nuts paying over $150 for a razor. Boy am I glad I did. I have used several razors and this is the best one I have ever used.
Artisan Hyperion Stainless Steel Razor
Hyperion CNC Safety Razor I absolutely love this razor. I like mild razors and this one is mild, but, a little more aggressive than my Feather AS-D2, which comes in handy when I have 3 or 4 days growth to mow down. Also, it isn't big and bulky which makes it able to get to those trouble spots (under the nose, the chin, etc.) . It utilizes bars to hold the blade firmly in place, and it's made of stainless steel, another plus. The only thing I don't care for is that the handle is a little too heavy for my taste, but like most wet shavers I have plenty of extra handles to choose from....thanks for another great razor................Phil
Merkur 34C vs. 38C
Merkur 38C HD Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor If you are really into Merkurs read on.

All of the Merkur safety bar safety razors are the same head design. All of the Merkur slants are the same. All of the Merkur open combs are the same. Merkur only has 3 non-adjustable head types and three adjustable head types. Three piece has the advantage of customization; handles can be matched with different head pieces. more info here:

and if you wondered what the headline on comment was about, head here:
Perfect Marriage Handle and Head
Hollywood Palm CNC Safety Razor This razor is a new DE razor made by Charcoal for West Coast. I have been moving toward single edge shaving lately. I am looking forward to the release of some of the new Gem blade razors. However, I saw this razor and had been hearing a lot about Charcoal razors and purchased it in a moment of RAD. I am not at all sorry for the purchase. The most outstanding part of this razor is the handle. about 1/4 down on the handle there is some very well don comfortable checkering. There are no sharp edges on the checkering and it is in just the right place for WTG and XTG passes. Furthermore, the checkering is in the perfect place to balance the razor perfectly. The handle has a flair at the bottom which offers an easy secure hold for the ATG pass. I was able to hold the razor upside down and complete the ATG pass with no worry of dropping the razor. The razor and handle are so well mated for each other that there is no need for excess pressure from your hand. The result of this design of the handle alone is a smooth comfortable close shave. The head also is well designed and balanced. I give this razor with this handle a definite thumbs up.
Great razor
Hyperion CNC Safety Razor This razor is fantastic! I was a little worried that it would be too heavy but the length distributes the weight very well. The finish on it is excellent especially with it being a milled razor and not cast. The head is flatter than most making it a little easier to get hard to reach spots on your face. The head design also allows for easy cleaning. It's definitely my favorite razor so far even surpassing my Edwin Jagger DE89. The price may seem steep but it's completely worth it.
34C review
Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor I have a 42c ( too aggressive for me even with a Derby!) and a EJ 89. The 89 and 34 seem to be parallel with an Astra SP. these two razors and blade combo give me the best shave with no cuts or weepers. I prefer the 34. To me...seems as simple to use as a Mach 2 which is what I used for years. YMMV.
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