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Col Conk Naturals Line Reviews
Colonel Conk Shaving Soap
Always consistent and high quality
Wonderful Cream!
Col. Conk Natural Shave Cream, Santa Fe CedarThis cream whips up a nice, slick lather and such a pleasant scent for my morning shave. Will definitely purchase this again and look forward to trying Col. Conk's other products.
Just natural
Col. Conk Natural Shave Soap, Unscented.As good as all other Col. Conk shaving soaps.
Just started using a safty
Col. Conk Natural After Shave Lotion, Rio Grande Lavender.Just started using a safty razor and went with this product. It is great lathers really well and is slick., also smells great and the women love it.
Great shave and scent for the money!
Col. Conk Natural Shave Soap, High Desert Breeze.For the price this is a 5 star shave soap. With that being said, it just can't compete with the tallow based soaps I have and have rated 5 stars so it gets 4 stars. I grated this into a vacated metal container that used to be a hair wax container and pressed the soap down to fit. I bloomed it with very warm water for about a minute, loaded it from the container into my damp badger brush then onto the face. It face-lathered nicely with pretty good padding with a few shallow dips into warm water. The shave was good, but like I said not as good as Catie's Bubbles, Barrister and Mann's or even Palmolive Cream. This takes more splashing/rinsing to get off of your face as well compared to other soaps I've used. Great soap but not a 5 star soap.
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