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  • High quality, laser cut stainless steel comb
  • Matte, brushed metal finish
  • Medium-fine tooth

Does your comb have character? Does your comb have quality? Does your comb say Chicago Comb Co.? It should! These laser cut and hand-finished products stand the test of time and trends. 

If you've never thought about getting such a quality grooming essential, check out this company. Their vision is to create timeless designs that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Starting with a sheet of top-of-the-line stainless steel, they laser cut the simple, classic design of their combs. Then they hand-finish each product so that it's smooth and comfortable for daily use. 

The Model Number 3 is a matte finish comb - brushed metal with a satin patina. Its lines are sleek, simple, and modern. At 5.5 inch, this medium-fine tooth device slips easily into your pocket. 

Since this quality product is fine enough to hand down through the years (like a trusty pocket watch), it comes with a tan leather sheath. Manufactured at Chicago's famous Horween tannery, this sheath is amazing. From start to finish this product is sourced, manufactured and finished in the heartland of the USA. 

A swipe through your hair throughout the day will keep your 'do in rare form, and the admiring glances from your colleagues will put you in rare company. 

Size: 5.5" 

Made in the USA

Made in the USA