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  • Hand-crafted, leather sheath from Ashland Leather and Chicago Comb Co.
  • Designed to hold Chicago Comb Co. stainless steel combs
  • Fits model 1 or 3 combs

Like a knight of old drawing his trusty steel from its weathered scabbard, you, too, can feel the heady rush of grasping steel and drawing it from its leather casing. You might not battle dragons, just bed head. But do so with quality you can feel, Chicago Comb Co. 

This company produces top-of-the-line, locally sourced grooming products that meld form and function. Simple materials + simple design = enduring quality. This English Tan Horween Leather Sheath is designed to hold Chicago Comb Co. stainless steel grooming products Model 1 or 3. 

Hand-crafted and using top quality leather, this sheath may weather better than you do. Partnering with Ashland Leather and using the world famous Horween Tannery, Chicago Comb Co. gives you an amazing product. 

Sally forth into your day with the confidence of good grooming. 

Size: regular size, fits model 1 and 3 combs

Made in the USA