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Bar Soap

We all want to be clean. And most soaps can get you there. But the difference with our soaps is that they are have all been hand-picked, not just for their amazing cleansing qualities, but also for their unique scents, wonderful ingredients lists, and the general way they make you feel extra fresh when you step out of the shower.

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We carry a wide variety of brands, many of which are made with organic and all natural ingredients because we know you only want the best for your skin. Some of our top picks include Level, Duke Cannon, Musgo Real, and Dr. Squatch. Now the fun will be in finding your own favorite.

Bar Soap Reviews
bought it to try it...
Badrick's LSB Bar "got to say bought it to try it and i love it, so does the girlfriend
Great soap
Royall Lyme Soap "Tis is my go to soap for the warmer months. Great lime smell and nice refreshing lather. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey.
Great soap
Dr. Squatch Bar Soap, Bay Rum "Pleasant scent, lasts thru the day
Everyone Loves It
Duke Cannon "Big Ass Brick of Soap", Naval Supremacy "I made the mistake of keeping a couple extra bars around as spares, the rest of the family (wife and two teenage boys) found them and now they love Duke Cannon as well. Excellent soap that lathers and cleans well and doesn't leave you feeling greasy.
Luxurious Soap
Pre de Provence Shea Butter Bar Soap, 150g "This soap is very luxurious feeling and has a great fragrance that is just right.
Great Soap
Duke Cannon "Big Ass Brick of Soap", Productivity "This was the third variety of Duke Cannon's soap that I tried, and it instantly became a favorite. There's a light and pleasant scent from the mint, and the menthol provides just the right extra kick of a cooling sensation.
Speick Soap Bar
Speick Bar Soap "Great product for the price. Nice scent and leaves you feeling clean and no residue or creams. A mans soap.
great scent
Level Naturals Shower Bomb, Menthol + Lavender "did everything the description said it would. my allergies were really bothering me so i placed one of the tablets in the shower and it went to work right away. the lavender scent was very calming and helped put me to sleep.
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