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Bar Soap

We all want to be clean. And most soaps can get you there. But the difference with our soaps is that they are have all been hand-picked, not just for their amazing cleansing qualities, but also for their unique scents, wonderful ingredients lists, and the general way they make you feel extra fresh when you step out of the shower.

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We carry a wide variety of brands, many of which are made with organic and all natural ingredients because we know you only want the best for your skin. Some of our top picks include Level, Duke Cannon, Musgo Real, and Dr. Squatch. Now the fun will be in finding your own favorite.

Bar Soap Reviews
I want to lather and eat it at the same time...(probably tastes terrible though)
This soap smells like a luxury cream-sickle, lather like a champ and is a good sized bar. I love the smell. BUY this soap to wash with.
Great Bath Soap
Gotta agree with Ed_Pinaud, Dr Robert must have an over-sensitive nose. This soap has less aroma than Ivory Snow. Very mild smell, lathers like a champion just like it's big brother the shaving soap. Perfect size for my hands.
A Manly Soap
I love this product! It has a good lather and a great smell. It has become my favorite cleansing product.
Good product
Awesome soap Dad, thanks
I purchased the Duke Cannon soap for my four sons, each received a bar of the soap for a Christmas gift. Feedback from my sons including two in the military is they love the soap! Thank you!
Best soap ever
I love the scent. Never too strong but always unique and nice to wake up to. Good lather and rinses easily. Worth the money as always.
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