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We all want to be clean. And most soaps can get you there. But the difference with our soaps is that they are have all been hand-picked, not just for their amazing cleansing qualities, but also for their unique scents, wonderful ingredients lists, and the general way they make you feel extra fresh when you step out of the shower.

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We carry a wide variety of brands, many of which are made with organic and all natural ingredients because we know you only want the best for your skin. Some of our top picks include Level, Duke Cannon, Musgo Real, and Dr. Squatch. Now the fun will be in finding your own favorite.

Bar Soap Reviews
my husband loves the Tabac
my husband loves the Tabac Bath Soap
woolfat bar soap
Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Soap, 150g I like the smell and sensation of this soap, it lathers up good and is mild. It's kind of a treat for myself.Old school stuff that is better than most.

Sandalwood scent not as strong
Taylor of Old Bond Street Bath Soap, Sandalwood Sandalwood scent not as strong as had hoped. Creates a nice lather though.
i've always liked the size
Ogallala Bay Rum & Vanilla Bath Soapi've always liked the size of this soap, the scent was amazing, i just have several issues with the soap from this company, it costs too much , doesnt last long and it leaves stains on the bathtub.
Happy so far
Duke Cannon "Big Ass Brick of Soap", AccomplishmentUsing it about two weeks now. Scent is good, but light. Doesn't overpower any of my other products. Rinses clean. Lather is awesome. Just don't buy the tactical soap bag with it. The bag fits too tight and I couldn't get it to lather without removing the soap. Also the bag keeps the soap from drying very well. I will be buying this again.
Feeling supreme
Duke Cannon "Big Ass Brick of Soap", Naval SupremacyGreat bar of soap. All I use is Dukes; and this scent is just perfect. Lathers well, rinses clean, subtle scent. Always have a bar in reserve...
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