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Facial Care

Having a good skin care regimen is important -- yes, for guys as well as girls. Your face is seen by people every day and is one of the first places that aging happens. Using products to help cleanse and moisturize your skin is important, and letting the shampoo run off your head when showering is not going to cut it. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or combination of both, we have products to help you take care of your face and keep it looking youthful. If you are in need of a good daily face wash and moisturizer or something to cleanse a bit deeper like a scrub, we've got you covered.

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Facial Care Reviews
Great product
Baxter of California Clarifying Clay Mask "For someone who has oily skin and has a problem with break outs during the summer, this product is great. Since using it, I've had less problems. My skin feels and looks better. Definitely worth the price.
Nice scrub.
Badrick's Mug Scrub "This is my second one an I like it great product.
Great Tonic
Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner "Great herbal smell and works really well on your skin. I have a oily skin and this tonic did a great job reducing the most prominent oily areas in my face. Great purchase!
Good feeling
Dr. Sponge Green Tea "The sponge feels a bit scratchy on the skin, but not irritating. Leaves the skin feeling clean.
Cremo face wash
Cremo Face Wash, 6oz "Leaves my skin feeling great before shaving
Cremo face wash
Cremo Face Wash, 6oz "This is truly a great product. My friend Danielle works in the skin care business and loves this face wash and the shave cream too!
good soap
Cliff Original Face Wash & Shave Brick Soap, Bay Rum "Lathers very fast but if there is supposed to be an aroma, I can not smell it. I have not used it as a shaving cream, but as a face and body cleanser it does a very good job.
Healthy Face Wash
men-u Healthy Face Wash 3.3oz Excellent product Have to use very little
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