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Fine Accoutrements Shave Soaps

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Fine Accoutrements Shave Soaps Reviews
Name says it all
This is the best shaving soap I have used since I started wet shaving. Good lather, rinses clean and a good , pleasant but not overwhelming smell that my wife really likes! I also appreciate that it's a small business and made in America. Keep up the good work, gentlemen
Another Darn Fine Product
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, L'Orange Noir "Like all of the Fine products I have, this is another great one. This hard puck soap lathers easily, provides a nice cushion, and has a great scent.

I would describe this scent as a clean citrus. Best of all, it's wife approved!

Of all the soaps I own, this is currently #3 in the really like department. I Coloniali, Fine Platinum, & Fine L'Orange Noir. A great soap at a really good price.
Nice soap, but not my kind of scent
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, L'Orange Noir "A good performing soap. I don't really care for the scent. I don't detect any orange at all, to tell you the truth.
Fine Like Wine
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, Platinum "Fine Platinum shave soap is a great soap. Lathers great, cushion is great, and the slickness is great. The price is right too. Very good soap with an even better fragrance.
Great Product
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, Platinum Loads and lathers easy, very slick, and smells great! At the top of my rotation year round
Very Pleased!
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, American Blend West Coast Shaving was the only supplier which had Fine's American Blend after shave and shaving soap available - all others were sold out; likewise for the Pinaud after shaves that I was looking for. Very pleased with product availability and prompt shipping and delivery. I'll definitely come back!
Fine Soap
Fine Classic Shaving Soap, Platinum This is in my regular rotation of shaving soaps. Easy to lather, like the fragrance.
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