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Fine Accoutrements Shave Soaps Reviews
Good stuff
Easy to load. Great slickness. Good soap. Fragrance is about a 6 on a scale to 10 and is spot on with the Fine Platinum aftershave. Use it every morning and find it to be consistent. No irritation.
One of the best soaps
I have used many soaps and this is one of the best I have used. One thing I look for in a soap is thick cushion lather and did it with ease.The menthol is strong so numbs your face a little which helps with a comfortable shave but be careful you can nick your face easier.
Really enjoyed the produce. Most
Really enjoyed the produce. Most likely would purchase it again.
Great shaving soap
Love it
A Very Good Soap from the Dutch!
This is a soap that builds lather quickly, offers very good cushion and slickness. I used a silvertip brush for building lather and Merkur Slant w Lord Platinum blade. Very good shave w one pass. Scent isn't exactly like the after shave, but close enough for me! I bought a puck a friend too and he really likes the soap and scent as well! As far as those who want to compare this soap to Tabac in performance, the soaps are very similar in ingredients content and lather well. I find the Tabac to build lather a bit more easily with my silvertip brushes and our house water w average water hardness.

And a very good deal for the money!
Excellent soap. Lathers great, and
Excellent soap. Lathers great, and smells divine
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