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If you've every tried to use a butter knife as a screwdriver, then you know the importance of the right tool for the job. Go beyond "making do" with these quality instruments.

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Having a good set of tools for all your grooming needs is essential. Good quality tools makes a huge difference in getting the job done properly and easily, whether you are trimming, plucking or cutting. Check out our extensive line of grooming tools including nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, nose and ear trimmers, callus removers and more manufactured by some of the top quality brands including Feather, Klhip and Tweezerman. We have everything you need to keep your entire face and body well groomed!

Grooming Tools Reviews
Jesse Parris
Premax Nail Clipper Best nail clippers that I ever had. I llke the wide opening for my thick nails. Thank you!!
Great tweezers!
Rubis Classic Slanted Tip Tweezer, StainlessI am happy to own this pair of tweezers. I've seen enough pairs that don't quite generate enough pressure to actually pluck a hair from my nose to say these tweeze at an exceptional level. Wherever you want to pluck from, these will do the job and that superlatively.
very strong, angle is different from regular clippers
Premax Nail Clipperwhile these have great leverage and sharpness, I have had trouble not getting too close to the nailbed - something about the bottom blade is very different, and the clippers have a deep curve, its a little awkward to use.
Hard Steel lasts
Tweezerman Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper.These clippers are more expensive then what is on offer at the local druggist but the steel this one is made of and should make the retain their edges better.
Best Clippers I've Owned
Feather PaRaDa Nail Clippers, Medium.I rarely give any product 5 stars, but these clippers are an exception. They are by far the best nail clippers I've ever owned. The build is excellent with a good spring action, sharp blades, and the nail catcher works exactly as advertised. Even the file area on the handle deals with snags or torn nails with aplomb. No more nails flying about the sink and vanity. Just slide the catcher open and dump them........wherever you dump them! Sink, toilet, garbage, etc. This simple mechanism makes a huge difference in cleanup. Highly recommended and well worth every penny.
PaRaDa Nail Clippers, Medium
Feather PaRaDa Nail Clippers, Medium.This PaRaDa M Nail Clipper is a very fine instrument. I am very pleased I purchased it and plan to toss all the other nail clippers I own . I addition, the efficiency with which West Coast Shaving handled my order was fantastic !! Alfred
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