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  • A classic, stainless steel tweezer 
  • Popular slanted tip
  • Made in Switzerland

With renowned quality and design, Swiss tweezer-maker Rubis brings you a classic, slanted tip tool to exceed your expectations. A company that originally created instruments for Rolex and other Swiss watchmakers to insert rubies into their timepieces turned their expertise to cosmetic tweezers with stunning results. 

Rubis Classic Slanted Tip Tweezer, Stainless is a workhorse of a tweezer. It removes unwanted and ingrown hair, tackles slivers, repairs jewelry, and otherwise meets a myriad of needs. Made with the highest grade stainless steel, it meets all the qualifications for a great tweezer.

Its tips are perfectly aligned, by hand, before it leaves the factory. The strong steel provides and maintains the resistence needed in the arms, and the edges are precise. It is also acid-proof/rustproof so you can sterilize them and keep them functional for years to come. 

Rubis is renowed for their award-winning company environment as well as their products. They value creativity and innovation as well as efficiency. Work is a social, meaningful endeavor and their company lives that. The architecture of their headquarters, as with their tweezers, reflects the value of _��straight-forward, timeless functional forms, without extra frills_��. 

Size: 3 �__�� 

Made in Switzerland