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Kent comb and file combo
Unbelievable quality for these times. I imediatly felt the difference in the comb on the first use. I liked it enough to buy another one several days later. The file works very well unlike inexpensive types I've tried.
Pretty Great Pomade
Was excited to try this pomade and it did not disappoint, holds my hair in place all day but offers some flexibility if needed. It also washes out very easily, just 1 wash and you are good to go. The smell isn't the best pomade I've smelt but overall the stuff is great. I'd recommend giving it a try if you are looking for a good water based "strong" hold pomade.
Inexpensive weekend hair tonic
Luckily, I don't suffer from dandruff, but I do like to use a hair tonic. This is my "weekend" hair tonic. Not looking to impress anyone, just want a little control over my hair while I'm doing the usual weekend chores and runaround. This is an inexpensive tonic that works good enough. Not a fan of the plastic bottle, though, so I transfer the product use an unlabeled glass bottle. The bright red color looks great on my shaving den counter.
High quality product
Really nice soap. Worth the money
great sunscreen
I've been using this products for years on bike rides. It doesn't irritate the eyes, is safe for sensitive skin (zinc oxide) and works well. A little goes a long way. White face goes away after a few minutes.
Iola Bar Maritime
Excellent! I love that it's fragrance free, since it's v hard to get f. Free products
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