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Good for finer hair
High Life Light Pomade This a very good pomade for finer hair. Pleasant fragrance and amazing hold. Nice sheen, not too greasy. Be warned though: this a real, petroleum-based pomade which will add volume but takes some work to wash out of your hair. Overall I love it.
This is a great soap - smells wonderful and lathers well too, but a bit pricey.
Provence Sante Liquid Soap, Bergamot, 16.9 oz "I bought this pump soap on a whim to try it since it was offered on sale here. Certainly it is a high quality product and smells great, made in France too! I would buy a couple of the other fragrance options too, but not really at full price. Maybe if this was in the $10-12 range regularly I would buy it regularly.
Great product
DAX Cocokui 7.5oz "Great product
Rubis Classic Elegance Slanted Tip Tweezer, Stainless "Unfortunately expressive tweezers are common, but not quality tweezers; these are quality. Very precise and consistent mating surfaces, in a very lightweight design. Very nice product.
pretty solid
Brooklyn Grooming Old School Pomade, Red Hook This is as advertised, medium hold and near matte finish. It is easy to spread once you warm it up in your hand a bit.
Best moisturizer on the planet
The Gentlemens Refinery Moisturizer I've tried a lot of different face moisturizers and this one is by far the best of the bunch. It goes on very smoothly and is almost instantly absorbed, leaving my face looking natural, not oily and my skin feeling smooth and supple. Unlike a lot of grooming products that I like to use in a rotation, this is the one and only moisturizer for me. Expensive yes, but my face is worth it. And a single bottle will last for months of nearly daily use. TGR makes grooming products of the highest quality, and their moisturizer leads the way.
best firm pomade ever!
Dr. Rubin's Firm Pomade, Batch 36 Awesome hold, unique aroma, great pomade!
Nice little comb.
Kent Comb and File in Leather Case I recently purchased this comb, file and case. I was only in the market for the comb, but the file and case came along and for a good price, so I grabbed it. All the items are well made and of high quality. The comb works well and I have enjoyed it very much. The case adds a nice touch of class to the whole ensemble. The file is handsome but sturdy and can soften the roughest edges with satisfaction.
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