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  • Light hold, high shine hairdressing
  • Adds moisture and conditions for healthy hair
  • Light, clean scent
  • Made with Olive Oil

If you love traditional shaving and grooming, then you will love Booster Olive-On Hairdressing. Applying this product is like channeling Fred Astaire or Clark Gable. You'll look that cool and polished. Not a heavy wax or pomade, this grooming essential is a moisturizing, light hold hairdressing. 

Just a small dab is all that you need for a well-groomed look. Particularly good for a parted or slicked back style, it's consistency is like a light pomade. It offers high shine and sleekness, so don't use too much. Also, it is made with olive oil to add moisture to your dry strands. It is great for conditioning with just a minimum of staying power, so you'll still be able to run your fingers through your hair.

This hairdressing will also provide you with a nice, clean scent so you can sally forth in confidence. 

Stay light on your feet and not weighed down with helmet-head. Get Booster Olive-On Hairdressing. 

Size: 8oz/250ml 

Made in Canada