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Combs & Brushes

We have a comb or brush for any hair type or need. We have small ones, large ones, plastic, metal and wooden combs and brushes for your hair, beards and mustaches. Whether your hair is thick or fine, we have something that would work for you. Some would say, a comb is just a comb, but we believe our selection stands out from the local drugstore and will make your hair look and feel better! Need help finding the right one, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to make a recommendation specific to your needs!

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Combs & Brushes Reviews
Great comb
No more cheapo Ace combs. This is totally worth the price
Great little Stache comb fits
Great little Stache comb fits nicely in my wallet.
Quality Comb
After giving up trying to find an Ace hard rubber comb, which have been discontinued. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this comb even more. Silky smooth on my scalp. A keeper.
Good brush
I used to think all hair brushes were the same. Until I got this one. The design makes you brush your hair more and the results are healthier scalp and better looking hair. Initially, I paused at the price but now I am glad that I made the purchase.
Bought this for my friend,
Bought this for my friend, he said its aight
This brush was exactly what
This brush was exactly what my husband wanted and he is very happy with it.
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