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Pomades Reviews
Fantastic product
Layrite Super Hold Pomade, 4oz "Fantastic product
High Life Heavy Pomade by James C III
High Life Heavy Pomade "My barber, Straight Razor Steve, started me down the road to an awesome vintage executive style cut and bc my hair can go crazy wavy I needed a product with great styling hold. After trying some of the heavier petroleum based products Steve recommended High Life. Bingo! Great mix of hold and it doesn't feel like the product is in my hair for a whole week after use. Dax has nailed it with this product. If I start my own product line I'd like features like this product! Good work Dax. I'd love to add a pic as testimonial.
Great hair care product
Baxter of California Soft Water Pomade "I asked the West Coast Shaving team for a recommendation and they were spot-on here. Baxter Soft Water Pomade is perhaps my favorite product of everything I've purchased here so far. I was looking for something with light hold; I keep my hair short, 2", so I don't need iron-clad control. I was hoping for a bit of shine, too, and something that would wash out with just water. That I got all of that plus great conditioning is almost too much to be true. It only takes a pea or a pea-and-a-half each day, so I think my jar will last four or five months
Awesome pomade
Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4oz can "The only pomade I'll use. Keeps my hair in place all day and washes out completely in the shower. Smells great without being overpowering. Can't go wrong with this pomade!
Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4oz can "I originally purchased Imperial pomade based on the reviews. I've recently tried Sauvecito and found what I've been looking for. I like it much better due to it's holding power, but yet it remains flexible. Smells great and a little dab will do ya.
Suavecito firme hold
Suavecito Pomade Strong/Firme Hold, 4oz can "Great product hold nice and smell wonderful
Great product
DAX Cocokui 7.5oz "Great product
Super good for Short hair
DAX Hair Wax 3.5oz "The best way to use this is to get a nickel size amount rub it between six of your fingers. Three fingers on each hand. Rub finger together until the wax softens from friction. This wax holds super well all day. It is not to shiny and not flat. It is a perfect shine. Like well conditioned hair might be. Lasts a long time and is super cheep. Only con is it will leave a slight residue in your hair even after washing. What's nice about the residue is you can kinda still style your hair after the first wash. Really good hair product.
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