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Pomades Reviews
Size Matters In The Long Run
Suavecito Pomade Strong/Firme Hold, 32oz can This product is used everyday because it works.

It helps me achieve the look that I am after,

The 4 oz container is great for on the road.

While the 32 oz has a permanent location in the bathroom.

The value is not just monetary.

The product gives me the dependable look that I am after day after day.

One less thing to worry about in my personal grooming.

Thanks for everything.

No complaints whatsoever.
None better!
High Life Voo Doo Brew I Pomade, 3.5oz I've been a loyal High Life pomade user for 7 years. My hair is fine and I need a very heavy pomade to do what I want with it. High Life VooDoo brew is where I start as a base layer to get my hair under control for the next layer of High Life heavy. I finish with light layer of High Life Island brew for a great shine. The ladies love the style and the smell.
Good for finer hair
High Life Light Pomade This a very good pomade for finer hair. Pleasant fragrance and amazing hold. Nice sheen, not too greasy. Be warned though: this a real, petroleum-based pomade which will add volume but takes some work to wash out of your hair. Overall I love it.
This the good stuff
Layrite Super Hold Pomade, 4oz "Yeah, I have a lot of hair and have been dealing with it for a long time, 61 years to be precise, couple that with a cowlick on the side of my head and I need something good to keep it all under control. Here is were Layrite enters the picture. My barber recommended it to me over all the other brands for a reason, it works. It has a nice fragrance and it keeps the mess on my head under control.
indispensable to me
Imperial Barber Products Gel Pomade "The only pomade I'll use. It is spread well, and style keeping is strong. Moreover, it is easy to wash away, as it is water-soluble.
Little dab'll do ya!
Murray's Superlight Pomade, 3oz "This pomade is great for a light hold if you use just a little. If you're looking for that 1920's shine and control, use more. It's easy to remove when you shampoo. Try it if you're looking for a light touch.
First time using pomade, this
High Life Voodoo Island Pomade "First time using pomade, this product works amazingly
Voo Doo Brew Two is Exactly What I Needed!
High Life Voo Doo Brew II Pomade "This product allowed my barber, Straight Edge Steve, to talk me into a more edgy but classic hair style. My hair is pretty wild so I always kept it cut very short to keep it controlled. I got the Brew II Pomade since I have darker hair even though I never noticed an issue with the white High Life Pomade. Here's the end product of my awesome new haircut.
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