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If you've whipped up a lather on a puck of soap and a bowl of cream, you might find the best of both worlds with a croap. This hybrid between a soap and a cream is common with many of today's artisans.

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Finding the exact definition of "croap" is the debate of blogs, chat rooms, and forums, for our purposes, a croap is a soft soap/hard cream that you start (proto-lather) in the container and finish in a bowl or mug (or even face/palm). Many of our artisan soap makers fall into the croap camp. You might love Chiseled Face, Al's Shaving Cream, or Taconic. They often whip up frothy mounds of lather in a quick hurry. No Frankenstein this - just a wonderful amalgam of soap and cream.

Hard Creams (Croaps) Reviews
Perfect exsperance with the whole process!!!
This stuff is great! Thick, rich lather! Strongly recommend.
Great soap
First time using razor rock. I was really surprised at how good it was for the price. You truly can't beat it. The sent is great too.
Bills review
This soap lasts a long time, could be slicker for a second pass but I like it overall, very good value.
Completely satisfied
Hydra has been a great addition to my rotation! Easy to lather and provides an excellent glide. I will definitely be purchasing this again. I love the scent and more importantly so does the wife and kids.
Quality Shave Cream
It smells good, lathers well and washes off easily. It is a very good product. I recommend it.
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