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If you've whipped up a lather on a puck of soap and a bowl of cream, you might find the best of both worlds with a croap. This hybrid between a soap and a cream is common with many of today's artisans.

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Finding the exact definition of "croap" is the debate of blogs, chat rooms, and forums, for our purposes, a croap is a soft soap/hard cream that you start (proto-lather) in the container and finish in a bowl or mug (or even face/palm). Many of our artisan soap makers fall into the croap camp. You might love Chiseled Face, Al's Shaving Cream, or Taconic. They often whip up frothy mounds of lather in a quick hurry. No Frankenstein this - just a wonderful amalgam of soap and cream.

Hard Creams (Croaps) Reviews
I really enjoy visiting your site. You offer great products at a very competitive price. The shipping is quick too. Thank you, Phil
Great soap, in every respect
I bought this soap (my first from Stirling) based on reviews and have not been disappointed. Luxurious and easy to lather; great cushion; very dense. And I love the scent - one of my very favourite soap scents. I also like the large size, which should last for ages. Will try more from Stirling once my soap library diminishes.
Excellent shave
Great lather, cushion, and overall shave. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is the scent is just a little too powdery for me. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike it, but I don't use it on work days.I also like that B&M uses a large , wide container.
Love it.
Great scent. Close, smooth shave. Low price.
Smooth Success
Cannot remember what drew me to this soap in the first place... I prefer hard creams aka Croaps , so I must have seen it in the category. Simply put, I'm grateful I found this gem. The high sides allow any size brush to create a perfect lather, without spilling over. Easily this soap ranks up there with the best in a thick lather and slickness for two passes. The scent is not overpowering , but has a light linger not to undermine after shave products. I have semi sensitive skin, and felt the protection was above definitely average.. ( with or w/o preshave). It'd be wise to have this in your permanent rotation
Great Shaving Soap
Reading the ratings made me order the Proraso shave cream,soap. I was a little reluctant to try a soap after using creams, but the positive reviews convinced me. Those reviews are spot on. I can work up a thick soft lather quickly, first in hand then on face. The lather is more protective than any cream I've used which allows a very close shave and no nicks except minor ones, and that's because of my individual face contours. The "fragrance" is low key and strange but not unpleasant. Every safety razor shaver needs to try Proraso.