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Hard Creams (Croaps)

If you've whipped up a lather on a puck of soap and a bowl of cream, you might find the best of both worlds with a croap. This hybrid between a soap and a cream is common with many of today's artisans.

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Finding the exact definition of "croap" is the debate of blogs, chat rooms, and forums, for our purposes, a croap is a soft soap/hard cream that you start (proto-lather) in the container and finish in a bowl or mug (or even face/palm). Many of our artisan soap makers fall into the croap camp. You might love Chiseled Face, Al's Shaving Cream, or Taconic. They often whip up frothy mounds of lather in a quick hurry. No Frankenstein this - just a wonderful amalgam of soap and cream.

Hard Creams (Croaps) Reviews
Believe the hype
Polar opposite of a hot shave!
Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Cryogen, 4oz "The reviews and descriptions say it all. This soap is truly cryogenic! Menthol like I have never experienced. First soap to make my eyes water from the menthol. This is my second Chiseled Face soap, Midnight Stag was my first, another unique quality soap. I purchased the aftershave as well and it rivals Fine Snakebite. Chiseled has a faint scent whereas Snakebite has none. Cold water rinse is like a splash from an ice cold mountain spring. Good Stuff! Can't wait to try another in the line.

In response to the negative review: I dry all my soaps upside down on a hand towel for 24-48 hours then open for a few days. Never have any problem.
Barrister and Mann
Captain's Choice North
Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, North "Love all of the Captain's Choice products. Great value and luxurious lather.
Nice Soap
Proraso Shaving Cream Soap, Menthol and Eucalyptus, 150g Tub "The product is as described. It leathers up very nice.This was my first purchase of soap and I purchased a Shave Brush. Both item's are high quality.
Slick Lather
Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Margaritas in the Arctic "This is my first Artisan soap and its everything I had hoped for. After reading countless reviews I knew Stirling was ganna be my first soap and what better choice than one that has menthol. It was between this one and orange chill but Ill get that one next. I didnt bloom the soap and still got a fat lather. When I shave I wet shave. Like mega wet. and this soap stays on my face no matter how wet. Super smooth. The menthol feels amazing and the smell of this soap takes me back. reminds me of the lemon shark popsicle if anyone remembers those haha but it does smell like a margarita its crazy. Im glad I got this soap. no dissapointments. recomend it all the way.
quit bothering me!!!
Good stuff.
Proraso Sandalwood with Shea Butter Cream Soap, 150ml Tub "First time using this product makes plenty of foamy cream smells coo I want to try it in a tube .
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