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Hard Creams (Croaps)

If you've whipped up a lather on a puck of soap and a bowl of cream, you might find the best of both worlds with a croap. This hybrid between a soap and a cream is common with many of today's artisans.

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Finding the exact definition of "croap" is the debate of blogs, chat rooms, and forums, for our purposes, a croap is a soft soap/hard cream that you start (proto-lather) in the container and finish in a bowl or mug (or even face/palm). Many of our artisan soap makers fall into the croap camp. You might love Chiseled Face, Al's Shaving Cream, or Taconic. They often whip up frothy mounds of lather in a quick hurry. No Frankenstein this - just a wonderful amalgam of soap and cream.

Hard Creams (Croaps) Reviews
Nailed it!
This soap really does smell exactly like a margarita. Great glide and cushion that provided me with a close shave. The amount of menthol is perfect. This definitely earned a spot in my rotation. I recommend getting the aftershave as well. I have tried several other lime soaps that smell like a household cleaner and this is not one of those.
There's a reason why prosaso
There's a reason why prosaso is been around for a while there lather has a good cushion and very slick for a great shave. The menthol eucalyptus scent gives you a fresh clean feel on your skin pair it with the proraso green after shave for an amazing shave
Quality soap, very slick, love the scent
RazoRock Don Marco Bergamot Neroli Shaving Soap, 125ml "It likes a lot of water, lathers up fairly thin and slick. With all of the selection available online, this is the only shave soap I've tried, used all of it and re-ordered.
Barrister & Mann Tallow Shaving Soap, Seville "I have been wet shaving for a couple of years now. I have been using creams, but the soaps seem to have better scents, so I went in to West Coast Shaving today in order to get a soap. I smelled the house brand and was set to get campfire, but the sales rep had me smell Barrister and Mann Seville. I look at some other products but came back to this one cause it has a great scent.

I went home and with a dry beard and no pre shave oil I lathered up and shaved. I will most likely never shave with creme again. The shave with this soap was smooth, close and comfortable. This product has a great "barbershop" scent to it. So, now I start my long journey into soaps, but Seville will always have a top spot on my shelf.
Simply the best
J.M. Fraser's Original Shaving Cream "I have tried many, many creams, soaps, brusless shave creams, etc. Some are better than others of course and this is largely a subjective thing. J.M. Frazier is truly a unique product. I have never found anything to compare to this shave cream. Most creams and soaps start to dry almost immediately. This cream is the creamiest, thick, moisturizing shave cream anywhere. It lathers quickly and is thick. It has a gentle lemon scent-very gentle. It never dries your skin and it provides the best protection and glide for your razor. In my opion this is the best shave cream anywhere. I have other products I use for variety but I know they all can't compare to J.M. Frazier.
A Cut Above
Cella Shave Soap Cream "This is quite possibly the best shaving cream or soap I have used to date. It covers all the bases; good lather, great aroma, excellent lubrication and protection, and best of all I did not experience any irritation either during the shave or afterwards. It is easy to understand why this product has been on the market since 1899 and why it is rated as one of the best that money can buy.
great products!
Proraso Shaving Cream Soap, Menthol and Eucalyptus, 150g Tub "Fast shipping, Excellent products Thank you!
Superior in every way
J.M. Fraser's Original Shaving Cream "I've used most major brands of soap/cream, TOBS, Trumper, Proraso etc, and this is as good as any, better than most, and more economical to boot. In fact the product is so good I've been able to forego my usual preshave gel without compromising the quality or comfort of my shave. Yes, the packaging was slightly smudged due to a tiny bit of seepage, but in no way does it affect the product. I'm a very happy customer.
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