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The Feather AS-D2 Stainless Steel Safety Razor is a beautifully machined Japanese Safety Razor. The design is simple and the manufacturing is nearly perfect. The material, manufacturing technique and design make this razor our voted "Highest Quality" DE Safety Razor.

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Highest Quality Safety Razor Reviews
Great Choice
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor.I normally use a Merkur 38 with Feather blades as my primary shaver and get great results. But I decided to try the Feather AS-D2 because of all the good reviews. I can not be happier. The Feather is a very high quality razor which shaves as smooth as it is well made. Both razors are about the same size and weight but the Feather just looks and feels better.
The Perfect DE Safety Razor
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor.Thank you WestCoastShaving.com for the quick service. I was planning to write a review of the Feather ASD2 safety razor after a month of shaving, but after a methodical Sunday morning shave, I experienced the best shave of my life. I have been a wet shaver for 50+ years and I currently own a Merkur HD, a Vision, Feather Popular and 2 Feather Straight razors (replaceable blades). I also own a Dovo and a Hart Steel Straight razors - maintaining a shave ready edge is impossible with these 2 straights. In my first shave with the ASD2, I shaved my face with 2 passes, I shaved my head completely and I trimmed my pencil thin mustache. My face and head are perfectly smooth. And my thin mustache was perfectly trimmed. I applied an aftershave lotion with alcohol and felt cooled and refresh - there was no razor burn. I have a medium heavy beard that was easily removed using a 45 degree shaving angle (instead of the usual 30 degree shaving angel). Buy this razor, even if you have to save for a long time. This shaver will give you a life time of close, comfortable shaves. But take the time to learn how to use it, especially if you are new to shaving. Finally, this is the 4th razor I have purchased from WestCoastShaving.com and I have always received quality products at a competitive price with excellent service.
This razor is worth its weight in gold!
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor.Hello, I've been shaving since I was 15, I tried most every razor out there and they all have let me down, So I used my new razor for the first time, My hopes were not high so about an hour ago I used it...........It Was the best shave of my life easily it took shaving to a whole new level I will buy another one this Christmas best razor ever from a 10+ year shaving vet, if you can afford it get it.
Best DE safety razor, bar none!
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor.I have a collection of safety razors from inexpensive, to highly expensive. I own the Pils 101ne ($260), the Cobra classic ($200) and an Above the Tie S2 ($180). I own numerous Merkurs, a EJ and a Parker. I like them all and love a few, but after shaving with the Feather for over a month now, this is the BEST razor in my bunch. It can be used as a daily shaver for a BBS shave with zero irritation. I can't say that about my other razors. My Pils was actually a let down for the price I paid for it and comparing it to a Feather AS-D2. This is a very mild razor but it gives the best BBS shave, better than any of my aggressive razors minus slight razor burn on the neck areas. This razor may not work to well for thick dense beards, but what mild razor really does? That's when one needs a slant bar or open comb razor for the occasional beard cut-off. But for the daily shaver, the Feather is the way to go. You get what you pay for.
A splurge but it is outstanding.
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor.The Feather AS-D2 is for me effective, comfortable, close, balance, very well made, great grip and nothing I can think of to complain about except maybe the price. As a normally frugal person I thought it was over-priced. It may be, but it is something I use every day not two weeks in the summer. I can make almost anything work. I was a regular straight razor user for a decade and have done a range of experimentation - including knives a small axe etc. - yes I know it is weird. I experimented with a Feather Popular Safety Razor (butterfly or twist-to-open style). Edwin Jagger DE89L. The Feather Popular is good for the money but it not a low cost Feather AS-D2. The Edwin Jagger DE89L is very popular and beautiful. It shaves well but it is not a low cost AS-D2 either. The DE89L is the lined version and is too slippery when wet and soapy for a good grip in my experience. There isn't much I have purchased that I thought was so premium and so consistently enjoyable to use - and I don't like shaving - but when I don't the rate of kisses starts to drop off. This razor gives me a BBS shave resulting in more kisses and that makes it worth the money.
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor.Build quality, fit & finish, weight, and balance are superb. I wanted a nice DE as a backup to my straights for those days when the extra time for the process isn??t available, and for carry on travel (I know, I ship blades ahead or purchase at destination). I??ve tried several, with costs ranging from much less to a little more, and I??m very happy to settle on the Feather. My skin is sensitive, and my beard isn??t terribly thick. The common complaint seems to be lack of efficiency, and I??d agree that??s true - ya not getting bbs on a single pass. I get great reduction on the 1st, and can make it serviceable with touch ups. I get a nice shave with 2 passes, and the 3rd offers bonafide bbs. Here??s the part that matters to me and makes that ???lack?? of efficiency a non issue: it??s just silly silky smooth. Highly recommended.
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