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  • Toothbrush (and more) holder for shower
  • Attaches to any shiny surface without adhesives, suctions cups, or permanent mounts
  • Charcoal color

Item Number: OP-TLL-012
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Organization? Convenience? Cleanliness? If these words cause your heart to throb, then you need to check out Tooletries. The Cockburn brothers, Saul & Josh, began their journey with the vision of becoming a leader in the home & bath category for innovation and design. They have certainly done that with their amazing products that combine functionality, performance, and design. The Tooletries Mighty Toothbrush Holder, Grey is just one great example.

This all-in-one holder for toothbrush, razor, and jewelry grips to any surface without suction cups, adhesives, drilling, etc. Amazing innovation, excellent design.

  • silicone organizer
  • grips shiny surfaces: glass, mirrors, tiles, marble
  • custom drainage system allows water out
  • easy to clean, hygienic, and 100% waterproof
  • declutters your vanity or allows storage in your shower
  • great for travel

Directions: Just clean the surface you wish to attach to, remove the protective backing, and press firmly to the surface, work out any air bubbles. Simple and easy the grey color works well in any bathroom.


  • length - 8"
  • width - 5.5"
  • depth - 1/5"
  • weight - 4.5oz

Designed in Australia, Made in China

  • width - 5.5"
  • depth - 1/5"
  • weight - 4.5oz
  • Designed in Australia, Made in China