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Memorial Day Sale

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Memorial Day Sale Reviews
Great Starter Pack
Lady's Choice Sample Pack I ordered this assortment to try with my Merkur Progress, and honestly almost every brand in the assortment was a winner for me. Although the best brand for me isn't in this assortment (Feather), all of these did an excellent job. I particularly liked the Astras and the Gillette Silver Blues, closely followed by the Red Personnas and the Gillette 7'oclock Black. Honestly, the difference between the four was marginal, but had I not tried Feather, Astra would be my go-to. Wilkinson didn't do well for me, but might well be great for a different razor.

All in all this is a great way to find your favorite, and I'll definitely be using almost every blade in the pack. Highly recommended!
Good Bowl, Good Grip
Hand Thrown Lather Bowl, Light Blue I've been using this bowl for about a week; I'm a daily shaver. I used to use a bigger bowl with some ridges along the bottom, my theory being the ridges helped with whipping up lather (I'm certain that's just a myth we wet shavers perpetuate). :) Looking to change things up a bit, I thought I'd give this bowl a try. First impression, I loved the way it fit in my hand. It's much smaller than the bowl I've grown accustomed to using, yet it's large enough that I can whip up a lather just fine. I also like that the bowl's lower outer-half isn't glazed; it's left rough. I never feel like the bowl might slip out of my hand, even with damp fingers. It's great. It's a nice little bowl; I like the glaze; I like the color. The only con I've really noted thus far is that my other bowl is actually more of a traditional concave bowled shape; so when whipping up lather, I could push my lather back down from the sides of the bowl, tamp it with my brush a bit, and keep whipping. Obviously, this new bowl is not concave-shaped, so I've had some adjustments to make with my lathers when they start to whip up. Overall, though, I'm happy with the bowl, and I'm going to keep using it. Like it a lot. Great price. Great quality. Great service from WCS. Thanks, fellas!
Perfect price for a solid, necessary item
Double Edge Blade "Bank" Look, this thing has no frills. It does what it says on the label, and no more. But it's the perfect, solid and safe solution to the "what do I do with my blades?" question. No putting them in the studs of your house. No jerry-rigging an Altoids tin that someone may mistake for something else. No way to open it at all, so no accidental cutting disasters! A little bigger than the photo lets on, this thing should contain YEARS of your discarded blades, maybe a lifetime. For $1.50, that some valuable peace of mind.
West Coast Shaving Stand 307, Faux Ivory West Coast Shaving
West Coast Shaving Stand 307, Faux Ivory Good value. Attractive. Quality feel.
These are the perfect size
Double Edge Blade "Bank" These are the perfect size - love these!
Great pack
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice So far the Astras have been the best even though youd assume the feathers would be superior considering they send you 10 of those. Derbys had TOO much drag. I haven't gotten to the personnas and the remaining brand. I'd definitely switching to Astra.
Great stand
West Coast Shaving Stand 312, Chrome Awesome stand great quality fits my brush perfect great style
Alum bar
WCS Basics Alum Aftershave Bar I am new to wet shaving, so having said that here is my impression. I use this bar daily to reduce irritation. It seems to do just that. I wet my face with cold water and run some on the bar. Rub over your face and rinse. In addition I use an after shave balm. I leave in its case open to dry.
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